Tips For Checkout On Mobile Devices



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Even when you know how to create checkout buttons for my store, this is not enough to ensure that you have an optimal e-commerce checkout flow. You might think that one-page checkout is an ideal option. However, in some circumstances, you may have to use multi-step checkout pages. A first-time shopper needs guest checkout that ‘reduces friction’. You need to reduce the anxiety of a first-time shopper. So, have a security badge. Display coupon/voucher code entries as buttons or expandable links. Your checkout must have an absolute minimum number of fields. 

When it comes to checkout buttons, you cannot ignore mobile. More than 50% of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices.     

  • Design For The Thumb 

The following are the three basic ways touch screen users hold their mobile devices to touch their screens:

  • Two-handed (15%)
  • Cradled (39%) 
  • One handled (49%)

In all these ways, they use their thumb to interact with their touch screens. Therefore, make sure that users can easily reach the checkout button using their thumb. 

  • Break-Up Mobile Checkout Pages 

Keep in mind that the on-screen keyboard also takes up your touch screen. So, don’t use one long checkout page. Break-up it in multiple checkout pages. 

  • Break Down the Checkout 

An ideal checkout has three steps. Each step should have the minimum number of fields. Also add a progress indicator. 

  • Smooth and Fast Transition 

Provide your shoppers with a quick and easy mobile checkout. This is one of the best ways to increase and optimize conversions. Focus on the following: 

  • Check-out speed 
  • Shopper transition   
  • TabIndex: Next/Previous
  • Light Gradients

Identify the most important action on the checkout page. Use one colored button for that action. Use lighter colors such as grey on lower priority buttons. 

  • Wide Buttons 

Mobile device users don’t use mice. They use their thumbs and fingers to tap. Therefore, use end-to-end, wide length buttons.      

  • Bigger Text Fields and Labels 

Make sure that text fields and labels are not too small to read. Bigger is better here. Make sure that your shopper does not have to zoom in. 

  • Click to Call

Many online sellers display their phone numbers on the checkout page so that the buyer can ask any question before making the purchase. Display your phone number with a call to action. 

  • Guest Checkout

Many shoppers add products to the cart, but abandon the shopping cart when they cannot checkout without registration. Make sure that you offer a guest checkout option to your shoppers. 

  • Session Aware-Persistent Checkouts 

Keep in mind that potential shoppers visit your website more than once. Many of them use desktops at work to learn more about the product they want to buy. They use their mobile devices to make the purchase after the long day in the office ends. So, take advantage of persistent checkouts. 

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificates 

If your website does not have an SSL certificate, the browser will show ‘not secure’ in the address bar. Your shoppers get a sense of security when you have an SSL certificate. It is advised to have an Extended Validation Certificate for better security. 

  • Expandable Menus 

Keep the number of links minimum at checkout. Links cause distraction. You might want to provide important pieces of information such as product features and specifications or FAQs. Use expandable menus to display information. 

  • Trigger Numeric Keyboards For Phone Number And Credit Card Entries 

It is not easy to type on mobile devices. Trigger the right keyboard for the required input type. Don’t always set input type as “text”.   

  • Automate 

Chrome and Safari Mobile are the major mobile browsers that support autofill. So, take advantage of this feature. 

  • Address Finders 

When it comes to shipping and billing addresses, provide your shoppers with an address finder. It takes time to enter information in multiple fields. 

  • Express Checkout Payment

Many first-time shoppers don’t want to share their credit card details. Let them take advantage of ‘buyer protection’ security by a PayPal checkout.  

There is a lot to learn when it comes to how to create checkout buttons for my store. This was all about checkout on mobile devices.

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