Admire the brilliance and radiance of diamonds with diamond necklaces!

Diamonds have always been a wonderful part of a women’s jewellery collection, and it’s obvious why- its opulent sparkle and unparalleled shine make it one of the most gorgeous stones out there. And what better way to show off its brilliance than a beautiful diamond necklace? Diamond necklaces are versatile, elegant, and simply perfect for any occasion, making them one of the first pieces of diamond jewellery you should consider purchasing.

Diamond Necklace Settings

Diamond necklaces come in so many styles and designs, but one of the most important things to consider before purchasing a diamond necklace is its settings. A few different types of diamond settings are:

  1. Prong setting

Also called the “claw setting,” this is a very popular setting used to attach gemstones and diamonds into the material. The diamonds are held by prongs – thin metal claws – and these would hold the diamonds securely in its space. One reason why prongs are so popular is that it allows maximum light reflection, enhancing its opulence and lustre.

  1. Channel Setting

In the channel setting, diamonds of the same size would be set side by side into a metal channel, preventing the stones from impact damages. This setting style enhances the beauty of the diamonds while ensuring that the base metal does not obstruct its shine. Diamond stones of any shape can be set with the channel setting, but these blend beautifully well for square diamonds.

  1. Bezel Setting

In this type of setting, the metal extends a bit to the outline of the diamond, encapsulating it. The beauty of the bezel setting can be enhanced with the metal’s designs and the stone setting, dramatically increasing its charm. 

  1. Pave Setting

Derived from the French word that means pavement, the pave setting features small diamonds set tightly beside each other with no space, just like a pavement! Since the necklace does not feature any space in between, your necklace would shine brighter than normal! Necklaces that feature this setting usually have white gold or platinum as the base metal to enhance the shine of the diamond.

  1. Cluster Setting

Cluster settings feature a few diamonds mounted together in a cluster. Since small diamonds are clustered together, it can create an illusion of one big solitaire. Therefore, instead of going for a single stone solitaire diamond, you could even choose a cluster-setting diamond necklace

Gorgeous Styles of Diamond Necklaces

When purchasing a diamond necklace, be sure to check out these styles to suit your occasion and attire perfectly!

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  1. Single Solitaire Pendant

Suppose you look for something subtle, classy, and elegant, then look no further than a single solitaire pendant suspended on a delicate platinum or gold chain. This beautiful piece would consist of a single stone set in a prong setting, and this would go great with every attire and occasion. 

  1. Tennis Diamond Necklace

When platinum or a gold necklace features many little diamonds studded sequentially, it is called a tennis diamond necklace. The necklace is an ultimate diamond jewellery option that can be a show-stealing addition to any attire. In fact, nothing can beat the tennis diamond necklace for its wow factor. 

  1. Three-Stone Diamond Necklace

Three-stone diamond necklaces are pretty options for anyone looking for something more statement and sparkly. These necklaces would have a pendant embellished with three large diamond stones set in a vertical drop. While many designs are featuring three solitaire diamond stones, no matter which design you choose, it is definitely going to be a show-stopper. 

  1. Choker Diamond Necklace

For anybody who wants to blend the traditional beauty of the diamonds with a more modern design, the choker diamond necklace can be the perfect option! The necklace would fit tighter around the neck, and like a tennis necklace, it can be embellished completely with diamonds! To make it look more elegant, you could even add a diamond pendant to the choker necklace. 

  1. Layered Diamond Necklace

Also known as step necklaces, the layered necklaces are very fashionable these days because it goes together with all outfits and occasion! Layered necklaces look royal and grand, especially when the diamonds are paired together with colourful gemstones and are perfect for traditional occasions, depending on the style. These necklaces allow you to flaunt your stones in layered charms and are definitely worth checking out. 

The best jewellers will always be passionate about your preferences and style, so always feel free to let your jeweller guide you to finding the perfect jewellery!

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