The Sims 4 Modding Is About To Turn out to be A lot easier

A screenshot from The Sims shows off the characters in a colorful room.

Screenshot: EA

Amid fervor for news on The Sims 5 at today’s Sims Summit celebration, The Sims 4 workforce declared it would create a new hub for personalized written content in its latest-technology video game.

Custom articles, or CC to die-really hard Simmers, is a main portion of the most well known Sims game titles. It can be in the kind of hair, apparel, nails, or pores and skin textures in the Make-a-Sim maker, or it can seem like Establish Mode functions, this kind of as home furniture, wall and ground styles, vegetation, or other things. More substantial mods can transform how the complete sport is played. There is an monumental amount of money of The Sims CC out there, but it’s generally scattered across internet sites, something Electronic Arts hopes to alter.

At this time, The Sims Resource stands as one particular of the most significant destinations for CC of all kinds. But others benefit from Tumblr or comply with the web sites of effectively-identified creators like Deaderpool, who will make the ubiquitous MC Command Heart mod.

Though several players use CC and mods on Pc (console users simply cannot use CC), other folks continue to shy away from it. Occasionally that’s due to the fact of the lacking person experience at ad-laden web pages like The Sims Resource, which gives a regular monthly membership to clear away both ads and download hold out situations. (The website is free to use otherwise.) In other situations, individuals fear about malware and adware that could be tacked on to their digital goods. In its presentation, EA promised a CC utopia exactly where gamers could download “safe” articles. It should really be pointed out that a lot of websites do verify what is uploaded. The Sims Useful resource, for instance, suggests it has a submissions team that makes confident information is acceptable, virus-absolutely free, and of good high-quality.

Even so, this amazing area arrives with a big caveat: You have to be invited to upload your function and join what EA phone calls “The Mod Squad.” What conditions the workforce is wanting for accurately or whether or not that will go on following start, no a person understands still. (It would seem possible that extra risque CC will be excluded.) Present internet sites are a lot far more open up, which is very important for these just having began.

This would seem even much more unique than EA-operated The Sims 3 Trade, which shut down in 2018. That also served as a hub for custom content material uploads and downloads but was not invite-only.

The Mod Squad and its CC haven isn’t listed here however, and we really don’t know when it’ll arrive (The Sims 4 workforce only vaguely mentioned gamers can hold examining back for updates). But when it does, it’ll be fascinating to see what ripple effects it may have on the unbiased and creator-driven Sims modding internet sites.


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