Punch Newspaper Nigeria: A Comprehensive Overview

Punch Newspaper Nigeria is one of the oldest and most widely read publications in the country. The Punch is owned by the Nigerian Media group and is published daily, with the tagline “The Nation’s Newspaper of Opinion & Accuracy”. Since its launch, the paper has been involved in the debate of a variety of issues ranging from politics and business, to sports and entertainment.

History of Punch Newspaper Nigeria

Punch newspaper Nigeria was founded in 1971 as a weekly newspaper, by Chief MKO Abiola and Dele Giwa, who was its first editor. Over the years, it has seen several changes in ownership and leadership, with veteran journalists and businessman, Peter Odili, owning the paper from 2008 to 2012.

Today, Punch Newspaper Nigeria is one of the few surviving newspapers, having gone from a weekly to twice-weekly publication and eventually to a daily newspaper. It is the country’s most widely-read publication and was awarded Newspaper of the Year 2020 by the Nigerian Media Merit Awards.

Content of Punch Newspaper Nigeria

Punch Newspaper Nigeria is focused on delivering timely and accurate news, enabling readers to stay abreast of the latest developments in the country. The publication covers topics ranging from politics, business, sports, and entertainment. It also runs opinion pieces, investigative pieces, and feature stories for a balanced content offering.

Apart from its front page pieces, Punch Newspaper Nigeria also has other sections like News, Business and Economics, Local, Education, Human Interest, and Lifestyle. It also has a dedicated section for entertainment, ‘Entertainment This Week’, featuring all the latest music, movie and entertainment related news.

Punch Newspaper Nigeria & Digital

In recent years, Punch Newspaper Nigeria has also embraced the digital space, with a comprehensive website that offers readers the same quality news they would get from the print edition. Its website, www.punchng.com, also runs social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as newsletters and podcasts, to reach a wider audience.


Punch Newspaper Nigeria has become an institution in Nigeria, delivering accurate and compelling news to millions of readers for over 4 decades. Through its print, website, social media and other platforms, it has kept the public informed on the country’s current affairs, and provided the citizens with a platform for debate and conversation.


Q: Who owns Punch Newspaper Nigeria? 

A: The Punch is owned by the Nigerian Media Group and is published daily.

Q: When was Punch Newspaper Nigeria founded? 

A: Punch newspaper Nigeria was founded in 1971 as a weekly newspaper.

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