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Jobandtalent has quickly become one of the most prominent job marketplaces in Europe – and one of the most successful Madridbased Jobandtalent 290m startups in recent years. This has been evidenced by its latest round of funding, with the company raising a staggering $290 million from investors. What does this mean for the future of Jobandtalent, and for the European job market as a whole? Let’s take a closer look. 

Jobandtalent’s Growth

Jobandtalent was launched in 11 countries in 2018, and subsequently expanded to 17 countries the following year, taking its user base to more than 4 million people. Since then, its growth has accelerated – and while the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on employment, Jobandtalent’s platform has had an extraordinary impact in connecting millions of jobseekers and employers, both in the short and the long-term. 

The $290 million Investment

The most recent round of funding for Jobandtalent came from some of the most notorious investors in the industry. SoftBank Vision Fund 2, with participation from Jolt Capital, Northzone, Idinvest, and Boon Capital, invested the full $290 million. According to the company, this investment will be used to expand its global presence and to further diversify its artificial intelligence-driven technology platform. 

Jobandtalent’s Impact on the Job Market

Jobandtalent is determined to make the job market fairer, faster and better. To do this, it is leveraging the power of technology and artificial intelligence to match jobseekers with the right opportunities. By connecting employers with talent, it is creating a modern, digital-driven job market that focuses on quality of people and job fitment. This focus on quality will be a major factor in helping Jobandtalent continue to grow in the future. 


Jobandtalent’s massive investment of $290 million from prominent investors is a testament to its success. This investment will allow Jobandtalent to further its mission to revolutionize the job market and create a fairer and faster way for jobseekers and employers to find each other. 


Q: What is the JobandTalent platform? 

A: Jobandtalent is an AI-powered job marketplace that connects jobseekers with employers. It is focused on creating quality job matches and helping employers find the right talent. 

Q: Who are the investors in JobandTalent? 

A: SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Jolt Capital, Northzone, Idinvest, and Boon Capital are the investors in Jobandtalent’s latest $290 million round of funding. 

Q: What will the investment be used for? 

A: The $290 million will be used to expand Jobandtalent’s global presence and to further diversify its artificial intelligence-driven technology platform.

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