Let’s Predict How Pokémon’s New VTuber Fitness center Chief Will get Canceled

Gym leader Iono grins while wearing an oversized yellow jacket.

Screenshot: The Pokémon Enterprise / Kotaku

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet released a new health and fitness center leader nowadays. Her title is Iono, she’s the electrical-specializing leader of Levincia. But even additional central to her identification, in accordance to a translation of her dialogue in a trailer produced this early morning, is being a “streamer and influencer bringin’ dreams to the masses!”

Woohoo! However many Pokémon trainers exist in diverse levels of celebrity—Elesa is a model, Opal functions as a sage mentor, Brock could be a Grey’s Anatomy visitor star if he required the for each diem—there hasn’t been, to my expertise, a trainer whose influencing outshone their Pokémon-similar action. Iono, with her Ariana Grande sweater and remarkably raccoon-like tooth, is breaking clean ground.

She’s also—as her Pokémon debut trailer revealed—willing to employ unpleasant techniques for viewers-stoking, like clickbait titles and requests to “smash that subscribe button.” In the trailer, she under no circumstances reveals her husband or wife Pokémon, despite forcing her audience to expend an excruciating three minutes and 30 seconds guessing what the Pokémon is. I could have completed something handy with people 3 minutes and 30 seconds, like microwave a sizzling pet.

But it does not seem to be like Paldea region influencers are any much more empathetic to their admirers than your typical Logan Paul. We need to prepare for the worst. Out of kindness, I have predicted a number of approaches Iono could get canceled quickly following building her Scarlet and Violet debut. Her current devotees need to keep their anticipations in line, and her PR agent should know the dangers of getting a lady on the net.

  • She retweeted something damning 10 many years ago: it is a rookie slip-up, but quite a few folks fail to remember to scrub their internet heritage even right after their social media presence usually takes off. As a resident of the Pokémon EU, I’d guess that Iono has at some position retweeted a little something that referred to as Kalos’ nationhood into question.
  • “Allegations”: she’ll operate a joint Twitch stream with 10-calendar year-previous Ash Ketchum being aware of that a thumbnail by yourself will get her a bunch of sights, but her plan will backfire when folks on Reddit accuse her of harassing a minor.
  • Not crying tough more than enough: in response to the “allegations,” Iono will require to create a tearful YouTube reaction movie with the right quantity of tasteful ring light. The lighting in the video clip will be expertly carried out owing to The Pokémon Company’s a lot of resources. Regrettably, that will lead the entire Paldea region to see, as obvious as working day, that the tears produced throughout her “I have discovered from this experience” section are recycled drops of h2o from Kyogre’s Drizzle means.
  • Pokémon prank long gone improper: to bounce again from the allegations, Iono will need to have to pivot. She’ll experiment with lighter fare, like prank videos. All will be effectively right up until she posts her “Having Lechonk PRANK!!! Absent Mistaken! (The Cops Arrived?!)” video to YouTube. Vegetarians and vegans won’t obtain that she “accidentally” turned the oven on though Lechonk was inside of, and PETA will commence a vaguely sexist ad campaign in opposition to her and also get canceled.
  • She is a lady on the web: self-explanatory.
  • Advertising her utilised socks for $50 a pair: her subreddit will claim she’s a wily female preying on weak, Bambi-eyed adult men and the allegations, at last blown around, will resurface. She’ll announce in a livestream that she’s getting an indefinite crack to focus on staying a health club leader, but, happily for her, she’ll nonetheless gather at the very least $100,000 in sock sale passive money.

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