Dailypay 175m series $325M Barrononline : Investment

Dailypay 175m Series $325m Barrononline Investment

Dailypay, a financial-technology company, has announced a $175 million Series C funding round and a partnership with Anvil and BlackRock, as well as a $325 million investment from Barrononline Global Investors. The financing round brings Dailypay’s total funding to over $450 million, which is being used to further the company’s mission of providing better financial health to millions of working Americans.

The Series C round, led by Anvil and BlackRock, was backed by existing investors nea, FirstMark, Primary Venture Partners, and other identified investors.

Dailypay is a SaaS-based platform that enables employers to offer their employees control over when to access their earned wages, allowing them to better manage expenses, plan for unanticipated events, and live more predictable lives. The Dailypay platform operates through a proprietary algorithm that enables employers to dole out real pay, less payroll overhead, and more efficient financial services. Through the platform, employers are able to increase employee recruitment and retention by offering greater financial flexibility to their teams. 

Dailypay 175m series $325M Barrononline

The platform boasts several features, such as access to earned wages “as soon as the next day,” predictive payroll insights, and instant availability of salary advances, among others. The platform is available in all 50 states in the US, and through Barrononline’s strategic capital infusion, DailyPay intends to expand into financial wellness, banking, and banking-as-a-service partnerships.

Barrononline Global Investors, an investment management and advisory firm, are the primary investors in Dailypay’s $325 million investment. As a result of the investment, Dailypay will be able to expand its reach to provide greater financial security and flexibility to more working Americans.

The company’s funding will also support its growth strategy, which is focused on expanding customer acquisition, launching a suite of financial wellness products in 2021, and investing in strategic partnerships with financial services providers.

Ryan Torrens

Commenting on the developments, Ryan Torrens, Chief Executive Officer of DailyPay, stated, “We’re thrilled to have signed an historic deal that not only propels the mission to empower millions of Americans with the financial freedom to live better lives, but also to drive employment engagement and customer loyalty across employers of all sizes.” He added, “By leveraging our banking-as-a-service APIs, we are confident that our technology capabilities can modernize the way banks serve their clients. We will continue to invest in our platform to create the most comprehensive and innovative suite of financial products in the world.”

With the investments secured, DailyPay looks to provide expanded access to their platform and empower employees to take control of their financial lives. The company is also set to focus their efforts on developing cutting-edge financial technology that leverages customer data to provide enhanced financial outcomes for the 21st century.

The topic of “175m 325m 1b beltran barrononline” refers to three large-scale investments that were recently made by technology firm Beltran Barron Online. The first two were Dailypay’s $175 million Series A and $325 million Series B investments, while the third was a $1 billion Series C investment. These three transactions, alongside two other sizeable transactions, reflect the growing appetite of venture capital firms, institutional investors, and accredited investors to invest in the technology industry.

Investing in the technology industry is risky, but it can be lucrative. With the right projects and teams, the potential for massive upside is immense. As such, investors are increasingly interested in the technology sector, which has seen a surge of activity in recent years. These investments, although large, are becoming increasingly common.

The Dailypay investment has been widely touted as a successful venture. The deal provides an immense amount of capital to the company to help it scale, launch products, and continue to innovate. The $325 million series B from Beltran Barron Online was made to help the company ramp up its marketing and advertising efforts.

The $1 billion series C investment, which has been described as a “mega-round,” shows that there is confidence in the company’s growth prospects. This huge round of investment is a sign that Beltran Barron Online believes the company has the ability to be a huge success in the coming years. The mega-round is also a sign that investors are willing to make large-scale investments into technology companies.

Overall, the investments by Beltran Barron Online show that investors are increasingly interested in the technology sector. These large investments point to a bright future for the industry, with higher valuations, bigger investments, and more opportunities for success.

Ultimately, these investments demonstrate that investors are willing to take risks and back companies that they believe have potential. Investors are prepared to accept the ups and downs that come with investing in the technology industry, and these investments demonstrate that perception.

Finally, it’s also important to note that investors should remember to exercise caution. As with any type of investment, there are potential risks that investors need to be aware of. Investors should ensure that they do their due diligence, understand the details of each investment, and make educated decisions about the future of each company and venture that they invest in.

Regardless of the figures, “175m 325m 1b beltran barrononline” is a topic that investors should be taking note of. The level of activity and investment that is occurring in the technology industry is a sign that it is a sector with potential for huge rewards. Investing in the right companies and ventures at the right time can be a huge asset to any investor’s portfolio.


Dailypay is a financial-technology company that provides platforms for businesses to offer better financial health to their employees. The company’s platform allows employees to access their earned wages “as soon as the next day.” They recently raised $175 million in a Series C funding round from Anvil and BlackRock, and another $325 million from Barrononline Global Investors. This funding will be used to expand the company’s reach and enhance their suite of financial products. They will also focus their efforts on developing cutting-edge financial technology that leverages customer data to provide enhanced financial outcomes.

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