Within Magic: The Gathering’s New Warhammer 40,000 Commander Decks

Though a Transformers crossover is just around the corner, Magic: The Gathering’s most new Universes Beyond collaboration is a established of 4 Commander decks themed all over Warhammer 40,000.

We received to open up all four of these fancy new decks to show off just what’s in every single box, such as manufacturer new artwork in the Warhammer 40,000 universe for each and every single card, which you can view in the online video higher than. We also spoke to Ethan Fleischer, Senior Match Designer at Wizards of the Coastline, about the design and style of the decks, if they were being supposed to be played from each other, and if their shiny, all-foil Collector’s Editions are the new standard.

“We wanted to open up the doorways of Magic’s gameplay to a new audience: Warhammer gamers,” Fleischer tells me, indicating that was a essential reason for placing themed artwork on every card. Fleischer also explains that early models for the playing cards “explored mechanics that mirrored the types of weapons wielded by the armies of Warhammer 40,000 that we do not typically see in Magic’s extra regular fantasy options,” but that this notion was finally dropped in favor of focusing on the factions as a substitute.

A person prevalent sentiment I’ve witnessed close to these decks is players planning to leave them completely unaltered in purchase to enjoy them in a group towards every other, leaving the steady art of the decks intact. I requested if that was actively accounted for in design, and Fleischer tells me that they although constantly test new preconstructed decks versus one particular an additional, this time they “took added care to make certain that the decks were fun to participate in and were being well balanced versus each other” in anticipation of just that.

The specific Collector’s Editions have also been a warm subject matter – from their shiny new “Surge Foil” treatment plans, to them quickly offering out most destinations right before release, to regrettable reviews that some are demonstrating up slightly bent in their packaging. Even though he couldn’t converse to that past position, Fleischer suggests we could see far more precons with editions like this in the foreseeable future, but that “the audience’s reaction will identify whether Collector’s Editions grow to be a mere experimental information position for Wizards of the Coast, or the new business-as-usual.”

You can view our unboxing in the online video higher than, and browse on for the entire interview.

IGN: Each deck has 42 brand name new playing cards, was planning precons with that numerous exciting or daunting? Did you have to restrict yourselves at all because you could theoretically just make something a deck was lacking, or did you lean into that independence?

Ethan Fleischer, Senior Sport Designer: We made use of most our 168 new card structure “slots” to ideal express the main of Warhammer 40,000’s intellectual residence, which are the amazing miniatures produced for the tabletop wargame. These correspond to Magic’s creature playing cards in a really gratifying way. We made use of some of our 216 reprint “slots” for ideas that aren’t so core to Warhammer 40,000’s IP, this kind of as lands, but also for cards that instructed great reimaginings in the grimdark long term. My favourite of these has to be Swords to Plowshares, which shows a futuristic tank that is been transformed into a farm tractor.

The potential to make so several new cards permitted us to create a whole new deck archetype from the floor up with the Necron Dynasties deck. A mono-black artifact recursion deck? This was pretty much devoid of precedent for Magic!

Was there card structure space you felt you could check out for the initially time now that you had futuristic weaponry and sci-fi tropes to enjoy with?

Early in the structure course of action, we explored mechanics that mirrored the varieties of weapons wielded by the armies of Warhammer 40,000 that we never usually see in Magic’s much more regular fantasy options. None of these mechanics presented more than enough novelty to justify the sum of house they would take up on so lots of of our new playing cards. In the long run, we made the decision to target on mechanics that reflected the identities of each and every of the factions represented in every deck, and to convey the concept of each and every form of creature as properly as we could utilizing typical Magic mechanics, relying on Warhammer 40,000’s wealthy and deep worldbuilding to stimulate enjoyment in our gamers.

How significant was building each card with Warhammer 40,000 artwork (which includes essential lands) to your targets with these decks? Was it a little something you knew you had been heading to do from the very beginning?

Owning artwork depicting the war-torn galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 was an founded aim from the earliest levels of design. We preferred to open the doorways of Magic’s gameplay to a new viewers: Warhammer players. To do that, the cards necessary to be firmly and persistently rooted in the location, so there was no dilemma that we comprehended and appreciated Warhammer. For our longtime players, the glimpse and experience of the cards provided an aesthetically consistent knowledge that we’d in no way available in a Commander preconstructed deck ahead of.

Are the all-foil Collector’s Editions a little bit of an experiment, or is that one thing you are currently planning to do extra of going forward?

I see the Collector’s Editions as an extension of other recent innovations this sort of as Booster Entertaining and Secret Lair Drops. Lots of of our gamers are determined to collect, to customize their decks, and express by themselves as a result of their alternatives of which edition of a card to participate in. In the end, the audience’s response will establish regardless of whether Collector’s Editions develop into a mere experimental info stage for Wizards of the Coast, or the new company-as-regular.

I know heaps of people are arranging to go away the decks completely as is and enjoy them in a pod towards each and every other, was that an intent powering them? Did you try out to harmony them versus a person one more for that?

Our usual playtesting process will involve playtesting the decks in a supplied launch towards every other. Due to the Warhammer 40,000 decks’ thematic cohesion, we expected that extra gamers than typical would want to hold these decks intact fairly than breaking them up and going the constituent cards into distinctive decks. As a final result, we took additional treatment to make sure that the decks have been enjoyable to enjoy and were being well balanced towards each other.

Do you have a favored combo or synergy in one particular of the decks that men and women should know about?

While the Ruinous Powers deck is essentially chaotic, intelligent gamers can uncover approaches to subvert that theme. For instance, you could attack with Aspiring Winner and use Brainstorm to put a potent Demon like Lord of Transform on top of your library, ensuring that Aspiring Champion will come to be particularly what you intend and deliver the most impressive result. Observe out even though! The Necron player has equipment at their disposal to mill the best playing cards of your library into your graveyard and may well thwart your diligently laid programs!

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