Who is Larys Sturdy? Dwelling of the Dragon’s most recent schemer, explained



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The sixth episode of Home of the Dragon launched an factor to the present audiences experienced been anticipating for a though: a significant time leap. New actors have stepped in to play aged roles, and a host of new people have been introduced in the 10-calendar year gap among episodes 5 and 6.

But the character whose function in the clearly show greater the most in that time skip was current (and played by the very same actor) ahead of that 10-calendar year gap: Larys Potent (portrayed by Matthew Needham). Who is he, and what’s his total offer? We’re right here to support, dear reader.

[Ed. note: Significant spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 6 lie ahead. Tread carefully.]

Who is Larys Potent?

Larys is the youngest of Lord Lyonel Robust of Harrenhal’s two sons. In Residence of the Dragon, Lord Lyonel was promoted to the position of Hand of the King for King Viserys Targaryen just before the time skip. Larys’ older brother, Ser Harwin Solid, is a knight. Ser Harwin is also Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen’s latest paramour, which has led to rampant rumors in the Targaryen court docket that he is the illegitimate father of her a few young children, who we satisfy for the initial time in episode 6.

What’s Larys up to?

Larys has solid a link with Queen Alicent Hightower, the right way identifying King Viserys’ wife as an significant mover and shaker in the political machinations of the Targaryen empire. In episode 6, this arrives to a head. The Queen is deeply anxious about Rhaenyra’s bastard small children — ostensibly out of issue for the Targaryens’ legacy, but it is not as well substantially of a extend to say it is generally out of self-desire, with the hope that her eldest son, Aegon, will be named heir.

Having Alicent’s privately shared issues to coronary heart, Larys organizes a plan wherein a team of adult males functioning below his command burn Harrenhal castle, seemingly killing Lord Lyonel and Ser Harwin in the process.

Why did Larys do that?

Gavin Spokes, an older man with a receding hairline, as Lord Lyonel Strong. He wears a formal Westerosi outfit and stands in a room in House of the Dragon.

Image: Warner Media

It’s fairly cold-hearted to so flippantly arrange the dying of your father and brother, but this isn’t Home of the Family Good Moments. Larys is a schemer and a conniver — my pal and colleague Austen Goslin pointed out the simplest way to bear in mind his name is that he serves as both of those the Varys and Littlefinger of this exhibit. Varys + Littlefinger = Larys. It’s just very simple math, folks.

To forecast into the long run a little little bit, Larys sees the approaching succession battle that will occur when King Viserys inevitably dies. He has identified Alicent as his most critical ally in this struggle, and has staked his bet on Aegon as the likeliest winner. When Larys reveals to Alicent what he has finished and she reacts in horror, he helps make it incredibly crystal clear she now owes him, and he will obtain in owing time. No matter whether that comes about quicker or later on is a thing we’ll just have to wait to see.

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