What Are The Symptoms Of Hearing Loss?



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If it is true that hearing loss is increasing naturally as a result of aging, there are also environmental and genetic factors that can be the cause of this problem at an early age.

The person must have a hearing loss greater than 40db in the ear in adults and in children over 30dB. Regardless of age this problem certainly affects the personal and social life of the person and even that of their relatives, many people do not realize their problem until they actually reach a severe hearing loss.

Hearing loss can also occur from a disease, chronic infections, certain ototoxic medications, or severe head injuries. The loss of hearing can be mild, moderate or severe. In the case of mild hearing loss our capability to interpret the speech minimizes. People who suffer from intense loss of hearing can not understand speech.

There are different treatments and special high-tech digital devices to address this problem and offer people with this problem a better quality of life.

But, How do I know if I have a hearing loss? If you have any of these problems it is common that it is a problem of hearing loss which has the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty understanding a conversation with one or more people. 
  • Trouble listening to what is said in a telephone conversation. 
  • Need to turn up the volume to the TV (even if the volume is too loud for others) 
  • Problems communicating in meetings. 
  • Ask people to constantly repeat what is said to them. 
  • Do not pick up sounds when outside, for example; The singing of the birds, the sound of the chariots, etc. 
  • When you are at home, you do not hear the phone or the doorbell ring. 
  • Try to read people’s lips to understand what they say. 
  • Your family or people close to you make comments about your hearing. 
  • You have to concentrate hard to hear a person. 
  • Some letters hear better than others.

All you have to do is consult a doctor who can examine your condition and advise you a good listening device detector.

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