What Are The Reasons For Certified Translations?



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A certified translation means a document attached to the translation that authenticates its accuracy. It is proof the translation mirrors the source document and is usually required in notations, sales, and other information. An experienced translator understands the requirement of certified translation with a thorough understanding of the subject matter.


Certified French translations are necessary when building a new business partnership or expanding a portfolio by launching new products and services. A linguistic translation is intended for a foreign audience who can understand business acumen while simultaneously satisfying the global demand. Here are a few reasons to choose certified translation over regular document translation

International business must communicate with cross-border audiences somehow. Translating documents into the common language ensures efficient communication with the target customer. Regardless of the English presence, it is a standard variable; some countries take pride in their language. Therefore, a certified translation is a correct choice to appeal to the niche sector.

Customized translation

Undoubtedly, free AI and translation tools online will provide an adequate translation. Unfortunately, these tools are not enough. Most companies look for a customized experience with proper formatting and particulars.

An AI tool will provide a generic translation, ignoring the culture and background in the source document. Furthermore, there is no guarantee the translation will be readable. Therefore, always prefer human translators for certified French translations as they are experienced in transliterating the message with correct grammar and content.

New possibilities

Certified French translations will open new doors for companies and individuals. It will aid the business with patents and contractual obligations. On the other hand, an individual can enroll in their dream educational institution. Furthermore, a certified linguistic service will also aid their clients in localizing websites and SEO practices.

Other reasons include

A certified translation is required in:

Legal processes

When certified translations are required in place of the original requirement

Country-limited processes

A certified translation is also required in the country where it will be used in official/ bureaucratic processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can certify a translation?

A translator does not need to themselves certified. Any linguist with relevant experience who understands the rules can certify a translation as an agent to a translation service.

Will a certified translation expire?

Certification does not expire unless an agency says otherwise. However, a certified translation is likely less required. Having said that, it is not uncommon for agencies to request an updated translation.

What are the requirements of a certified translation?

A certified translation comes with a certificate mentioning the name, title, qualification, and signature of the translator. In a gist, it is a signed copy of the translation with an accurate representation of the source document.

Is a certified translation necessary?

A certified translation is necessary for court and education-related documents. Furthermore, government bodies also use accredited translations for immigration purposes.

What is the qualification of a certified translator?

A certified translator is fluent in source and translated language. Furthermore, they also have experience working in the specialized language field for some time.

Are translators avid travelers?

An interpreter or a translator will travel to conferences and webinars to improve their skills. Furthermore, they may also travel to workshops and new venues for remote clients.

About Kings of Translation

Kings of Translation is a knowledgeable linguistic service with specialized knowledge in niche culture and global subject matters. We provide usual and certified translation at reasonable rates compared to our competitors. Feel free to email or visit our website to schedule a meeting online. In addition, the first meeting is absolutely free for new clients so get in touch with us today.

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