Valkyrie Elysium: How to Get All Endings



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It’ll arrive as certainly zero shock that as a character action sport dressed in a JRPG’s clothing, Valkyrie Elysium has several endings to unlock. And if you might be the style to see everything there is to see in these sorts of game titles, you can want to know how to unlock them all. 

A person factor to note in advance of we dive deep into spoiler territory is that you just cannot lock on your own out of any of the endings, and they can all be observed in a single playthrough. So if you’re below ahead of ending the game, possibly see the credits the moment and appear again.

There are 4 endings in full in Valkyrie Elysium, just about every with a distinctive set of closing bosses and specifications for unlocking them. This manual will explain to you how to get them all. 

Ending 1: Twilight of the Fantastic Wolf

Odds are, this is the conclusion you will see initially. If you enjoy as a result of Chapter 9 devoid of speaking to Armand – the dude that just so happens to convert up all over the place you go – you are going to experience off against Fenrir and Hilde, serving your reason as a Valkyrie as set out by Odin.

Ending 2: Twilight of the All-Father

As the title indicates, this time you are going to be looking at off your boss, the Ancient A person and Ruler of Heaven, Odin. Who observed that coming, eh?

When you enter Chapter 9, make your way to the NPC marker displaying Armand’s spot. The mysterious traveler’s intent will become crystal clear, and he provides you with a preference. This phase is a variable in each individual of the game’s other 3 endings.

For this a person, while, pick out “Accept that you are a Valkyrie and do what need to be accomplished.” Now, enjoy by means of the relaxation of the amount as standard, but at the time you’ve overwhelmed Fenrir and Hilde, matters will diverge you’ve got to then acquire on each and every of your prized Einherjar in flip prior to offing the big person himself.

Ending 3: A Momentary Escape

By the far the best summary of the 4 – there are no ultimate bosses for you in this ending. Go see Armand once more, but this time opt for “Choose to be human and go with Armand.” And which is it! Activity above.

Ending 4: The Legitimate Ending

Indeed, this a single necessitates a very little extra get the job done, but what did you assume for the big end? The to start with thing you have to have to do is make guaranteed you’ve gathered 8 of Valkyrie Elysium’s nine Verdant Blossoms just before commencing Chapter 9 – the ninth is picked up in Chapter 9 alone. These are the corrupted versions of the Hollow Blossoms, the flower collectibles that litter the sport.

The major distinction remaining, at a glance, that you can’t read the messages they contain  until you have located them all, in any case. You can see on the degree decide on monitor exactly where the types you have nevertheless to find are, and they are denoted on the map with a glowing green dot.

Remembering to grab the Verdant Blossom in Chapter 9, as soon as all over again converse to Armand and opt for, “Accept that you are a Valkyrie and do what have to be performed,” triggering the accurate ending. Make your way to the end of the level as normal, but put together for a distinctive final gauntlet this time. Initial, you are going to fight off some enemies along with Hilde, right before having on Fenrir, and then Odin’s human sort. It all arrives to a close with a secret manager battle: Ragnarok Odin.

And there you have it – you know how to unlock all endings for Valkyrie Elysium, and have averted Ragnarok in the process. Be sure to look at out our forthcoming/other guides to finish your collection of Divine Arts, runes, and weapons.

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