Useless Island 2’s Weapon Breaking Is Right here To Stay, Sorry Y’all



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A massive, hulking zombie is charging toward you, preparing to throw a haymaker.

Really certain this zombie hunk’s gonna break my weapon.
Screenshot: Dambuster Studios

Not gonna lie: I assume weapon longevity sucks. For all its intended realism, I uncover the mechanic cumbersome and needlessly complicating. So you can think about I haven’t been as well eager to listen to that Dambuster Studios just manufactured intensive feedback defending the mechanic’s presence in its impending Useless Island 2, stating it wishes to present a activity that’s both of those over-the-top rated and “grounded in actuality,” so weapons will have to split. Grumble, grumble.

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If you’ve played the OG Useless Island, you’d know that weapon sturdiness was element of that game’s knowledge. All melee weapons had a finite range of works by using, indicated by a white bar all around the weapon. Use it also lots of times and poof, it’d crumble ideal in your hands, prompting you to scramble in the inventory (or in the entire world) wanting for another bludgeon with which to destroy zombies. Even though weapon breakage is a contentious matter in video games ranging from Technique Shock 2 to Breath of the Wild, Dambuster Studios is bringing the mechanic again in its predicted sequel.

In an interlook at with VG247, layout director Adam Duckett claimed weapon degradation is integral to Lifeless Island 2, defending the mechanic as a thing that could insert wide range to the gameplay.

“Ranged weapons have ammo, so melee weapons have degradation,” Duckett stated. “We’re generous with it we want gamers to discover the whole arsenal of weapons—so we have so many terrific mods, and so a lot of benefits, and so several other points in this match that we want gamers to cycle by means of. It also will help that gamers can maintain a extensive assortment of tools in their arsenal, so they are under no circumstances likely to be with no anything they can use.”

Artwork director Adam Olson (they have a large amount of Adams) echoed Duckett’s sentiment, saying that the point weapons crack can help hold Dead Island 2 “grounded in reality” irrespective of remaining around-the-best.

“I think [weapon durability] will help fit with our tone a little little bit, way too,” Olson stated. “Because this is a match that just keeps likely, this is a match which is more than-the-top—but we want to be grounded in fact. Acquiring a person foot in reality—and acquiring weapons that break—helps us press other sections of the activity into that more than-the-top mentality.”


The two Adams agreed that realism is a vital point of Lifeless Island 2, and this extends to its visible depiction of destruction to both equally your enemies and your personal tools. In actuality, even if you flip the HUD off, Duckett discussed, you can even now “see the weapon degrade in entrance of you, in numerous stages,” and therefore know when it is time to swap to something else.

“That’s something we really preferred to do with this game we want you to be equipped to flip off the HUD and know almost everything that is heading on,” Olson claimed. “From our issue of watch, we want you to be ready to explain to the enemy’s wellness, how destroyed they are, how degraded your weapon is, how very long you have been in the fight…just from on the lookout close to you. We want every thing to be evident to you, with the UI or without it.”

In actuality, they report that around fifty percent of the studio’s builders now play entirely HUD-a lot less.

I take pleasure in that the HUD isn’t vital for gleaning critical details in the warmth of battle. Recognizing when my weapon will split provides me some idea as to when I really should search for a different just one. But I really don’t normally engage in video games for realism, and a zombie-killing sport isn’t genuine to say the the very least. That I have to get worried about my weapon degrading in my arms when also averting an undead’s chompers definitely does develop tension, but it also could be aggravating if weapons split way too frequently.

That was my most important trouble with Breath of the Wild, so we’ll see how Useless Island 2 fares. Sucks for me, but it seems weapon durability techniques will not be disappearing from significant video clip game titles any time soon.

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Lifeless Island 2 drops on February 3 for Personal computer, PlayStation consoles, Stadia, and Xbox devices.


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