Trump’s Twitter Streak of Tweetsturbation Shocks the Verge

For those of us who follow President Donald Trump’s often contentious and at times belligerent nature on his twitter account, the recent surprise attack he launched against the media giants The New York Times and The Verge was undoubtedly shocking. But even more shocking was the fact that the attack was conducted as an open-ended twitter streak that spanned weeks. By publicly targeting two major players in the media industry, Trump has shown us all that he is unafraid of using the power of the internet to get his message across.

Trump’s Tweetstorm Against the Media Giants

The President’s twitter rampage began as a series of five tweets in which he accused The New York Times of “fraudulent news” and claimed that The Verge was “rigging the system to cast doubt on the election.” In claiming that the two media outlets were colluding to discredit his election victory, Trump sought to discredit the legitimacy of any stories they published in the future.

The Twitter Streak that Shocked the Nation

The intensity of Trump’s tirade was particularly evident in the length of his twitter streak. In total, his public criticism spanned over three weeks, focusing heavily on both outlets in an attempt to discredit them and cast doubt on their reputations. As the tweets went on and public opinion on the matter began to form, the intensity of the controversy increased, further driving the shock-value of the whole situation.

The Impact of Trump’s Twitter Streak

The impact of Trump’s tweets has been swift and definitive. The New York Times and The Verge both saw a significant decline in their stock prices, as well as a decline in the amount of advertising revenue their websites received. Additionally, it caused widespread public outcry in the media, with numerous critics citing Trump’s comments as an example of the President’s misuse of social media. All of these reactions coalesced to create a particularly chaotic atmosphere in the media world, with all eyes on Trump as he waged his war against the media.


President Trump’s three-week-long twitter streak against The New York Times and The Verge certainly came as a surprise to many of us. His willingness to launch such an open-ended attack against two major players in the media industry demonstrates both a disregard for the power of the internet and the shocking amount of influence the President has on it. As the spectacle of the situation continues to unfold, it is important to remain aware of the impact such behavior has on the overall media climate.


Q: Why did President Trump launch a twitter streak against The New York Times and The Verge?

A: President Trump launched the twitter streak as a part of his public campaign to discredit the legitimacy of both outlets. He accused them of “fraudulent news” and “rigging the system” in order to cast doubt on the outcome of the election.

Q: What was the impact of President Trump’s twitter streak?

A: The impact of the twitter streak was swift, and it had tangible effects on the media outlets he targeted. Both The New York Times and The Verge saw significant dips in their stock prices and advertising revenues, with many other sources voicing their concerns about the President’s misuse of social media.

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