How to select the right truck for your big move?



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Choosing the right truck for your big move can be challenging if you forget to consider some important aspects.

There are various different needs to be looked into but some of the crucial points which require a highlight are mentioned as such:

The right size:

First, check how much storage space you require for your move. Have an insight about the volume of your belongings. Truck Rental companies can give you burning approximations for their distinct fleet, but remember, they are just mere approximations that can go hither and thither. The actual analysis can only be done by keeping in mind the amount of belongings you have. Don’t fall into traps by just looking at the space. Instead go by cubic feet measurement which takes the entire area of the truck’s storage into consideration.

Standard sizes are 10, 15, 17, 20, 26 foot. Trucks and they should be selected based on the volume of the load. 4 cubic feet per room (considering an average sized room) can be a good metric to analyze the total space that would be required. It is always recommended to choose a truck which is a little larger than your required space. Try to keep a 10 – 15% buffer on the truck size.

Weight Limit Restrictions:

Certain trucks have weight limit restrictions. Maybe the volume of your items is less but all of them are just too heavy. If we are looking into a 10 foot truck, it normally has a weight limit of 2800 pounds. So along with the size, the weight limit also must be considered.

Space &amp:

Comfort: Since the shipment might need to be transported over a long distance, the space and comfort of the truck matters a lot. Extra leg space and a good space can provide a comfortable and safe journey. We can also include a good bed and cab size. If you want to select a standard length truck with a crew cab, the larger cab will take away length from the truck bed. And if you want a larger cab and a longer bed, you will land up with a longer wheelbase and a truck that might be harder to park and handle. So choosing an ideal size is crucial.

Engine Power:

Not only this but also selecting a good engine is important as it helps to have a balance between enough power and good fuel usage. A fuel efficient engine will further help to reduce the expenses of the gas bill. For example diesel engines are better for towing and can be helpful for larger loads.

Axle Ratio:

Another choice that you need to make is about the axle ratio. The higher the amount of axle ratio, the more the towing capacity and lesser is the fuel efficiency.

These are some of the important points that need to be kept in mind while choosing a truck. In case, you are planning on driving the truck on your own, it’s good to keep in mind about the comfort of the bedding and the seats. It helps a lot in long distance travel. For more details about affordable truck rental services in Dubai, you can immediately contact Trukkin logistic partner. They can offer you budget truck rental service along with free moving tips.

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