Tower of Fantasy controller assist is a challenge, say supporters



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The Tower of Fantasy controller guidance solutions are seriously missing, say supporters of the Genshin Affect-like open up-entire world match. When fans enjoy staying equipped to use a controller for overcome sequences when leveling up in Tower of Fantasy, they say that nevertheless getting forced to use a keyboard and mouse for the menus and not remaining ready to rebind controller buttons in the anime activity above a thirty day period soon after its western start would make the aspect come to feel mostly ineffective.

A Tower of Fantasy participant survey has brought on gamers on the game’s subreddit to increase the issue of controller assist when all over again, contacting for enthusiasts to point out the missing element as a difficulty to developer Hotta Studio even if they really do not use it by themselves. Though a pad can be utilised to regulate your Tower of Fantasy figures as they shift close to the map and get into battle, the moment you open the menus you’re compelled to attain for a mouse, as there is at this time no way to navigate them working with a controller.

Moreover, when you can rebind your controls on a keyboard setup, the controller layout is preset – indicating that you have to set up with the buttons assigned by default whether you like them or not. Gigantic0603, the Reddit person who to begin with termed for action in the ongoing survey, claims, “The entire level of controller [support] is to not touch the keyboard and mouse and but I have to attain for them each solitary time I have to use the UI.”

An additional consumer in the responses notes that there are many significant controller bugs as effectively – some ranged weapon users with charge attacks either just cannot release the assaults correctly or can’t transform their purpose though charging the assaults up. With the reputation of Genshin Impact on consoles, it’s not unfair to presume that Hotta Studio would want to stick to fit eventually – but that would certainly call for a lot more operate on the controller side very first. Not only that, entire controller assistance can often be a enormous boon to accessibility – so it’s definitely a worthwhile addition.

When your controls are sorted out, we’ve acquired every thing you need to know about ToF, from a Tower of Fantasy tier list of the very best figures and all impending Tower of Fantasy banners to data on the Tower of Fantasy Aida Cafe function and the ideal Tower of Fantasy character codes you can use to spice up your roster’s looks. We’ll even allow you know how to reach the Tower of Fantasy Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, if you’re deep into the 1.5 update.

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