Top Video Production Trends You Must Know About!

Video production is the one industry that evolves every day with something new. Being associated with this industry we thought of sharing a few interesting and exciting Video production trends with you that will help you catch more eyes and increase engagement. Here, we are going to discuss with you the 5 most exciting video production trends that will change the way you think about video production. 

Let’s get to these trends 

  1. Self-Deprecating humor
  2. Animated Characters 
  3. Aerial Video 
  4. Realisticity 
  5. Live Action

These are the 5 most dynamic video production trends that companies like Multi-vision digital, and many more are taking full advantage of. 

  1. Self-Deprecating humor

These days videos with more humor in them are trending. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Most video production companies are using humor as a tool to attract more and more audiences to their videos. Now, when there is a ton of video content online, it has become essential for companies to stand out to get more views and engagement. This is where self-deprecating humor comes into play. Unlike the times before when the companies use to highlight themselves as a biggie, today one needs to be realistic and in reality, there is always more fun involved. 

  1. Animated Characters 

Another video production trend that you would fall in love with is the use of animated characters. Today many companies are using animated characters to advertise their products. You can check out this trending video of an overactive bladder prescription medicine company. You will definitely fall in love with the way they have made use of animated characters. 

  1. Aerial Video 

Next up in the list of video production trends is the use of aerial video. Thanks to the availability of drones, now more and more companies are using them to shoot aerial videos. Especially when it comes to real estate, this trend has become a mantra for more engagement and views. This aerial view covers all the aspects of the property which earlier people were unable to see in a video. 

  1. Realisticity 

Keeping it real is the best theory of today. The more drama you add to the video the more you will lose the audience. This is what most companies are benefiting from. Today’s audience is growing really smart. This is why it is essential that you keep a check on the realism of the video you release. 

  1. Live-Action

Thanks to the mountable video cameras, now companies like ours can create a commercial and corporate videos with live-action sequences. Everything from skiing to underwater exploration, there are a huge number of options available today. 


In the end, we would like to say that it is essential to grow with time and adapt to all the trends that you witness in the market. Video production and marketing have become more challenging than ever and this is why it is necessary to keep going with the latest trends and even ahead if you can.

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