Top 4 Lower Body Workout Plans For Women



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Are you bored with the same old lunges and squats? You can upgrade your lower body workouts at home using the following killer exercises for the glutes, hams, calves, and quads. 

1. Pistol squat

Holding your hands at shoulder level and straighten them out in front of you. Make them as horizontal as the ground. Lift up the right leg and hang it in the air. Thrust the hips backwards and then lower your entire body as much as you can Go back to the start and repeat the exercise.

2. Dumbbell split jump

With a pair of dumbbells on your arms facing one another, create a staggered stance. The right foot should be behind the left one. Lower the body to make a split squat. Promptly, change the directions and jump with such a force that propels your two legs. Do it again and switch the back and forth movements.

3. Farmer’s walk 

Carry some heavy dumbbells on your sides. Stand with your toes and start moving forward for 1 minute. You can also move in circles.

4. The glute squeeze

This is a fundamental move that helps you to obtain the best results from any lower body exercise for women. This involves contracting the glutes as hard as possible. If you can engage these muscles fully, you should feel them moving in and out. Just so you are sure, stand up straight and make a move. This is something that should be done at the end of every lower body workout. You will be lying to yourself if you cannot do this. It helps to build more muscles and keep you strong.

Tips for lower body workouts

  • Complete your exercises in circuits
  • Rest for only 30-60 seconds between workouts to maintain a high metabolic rate
  • Use reasonable and manageable weight that leads to muscle failure at the end of the session
  • Complete the workouts 3 days per week for optimal results

Any time you need to have a toned lower torso, attempt the above moves and tips for an active woman. Your skinnies will appreciate the most.

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