Top 25 best tower defence games for Android phones and tablets 2023 (Updated)

1. Kingdom Rush

Developer: Ironhide Game Studio

Publisher: Armor Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Tower defence

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush, along with its three follow-ups, is the pinnacle of tower defence. It’s all thanks to a near-perfect combination of tight unit balance, intuitive controls, inventive and challenging level design, and a knock-out comic book aesthetic.

We praised it in our Kingdom Rush review too, and rightfully so. It’s been a while since a timeless game such as Kingdom Rush has delighted us with its presence. And for those wondering, \despite its rather cartoony approach, the game is actually much more challenging.

The levels get difficult at just about the right time, and the units you use will require constant maintenance. It’s absolutely perfect.

Download Kingdom Rush

2. Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Developer: Raw Fury Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North is a unique combination of real-time strategy and roguelike, but it’s the distinct tower defence flavour we’re interested in. Develop and position your troops to defend a series of besieged islands, all while screaming bloody murder.

It’s a game with a unique approach that will fascinate those in love with Norse mythology (kinda) for the exciting, yet minimal in detail Viking battles. We even have a few tips if you want to play Bad North! So make sure to check it out in case you’re wondering how to beat the soul out of those trying to take your land.

Download Bad North

3. Dungeon Warfare 2

Available on: iOS + Steam

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Dungeon Warfare 2

You might think of it as an inherently limiting genre, applying a rigid framework to the strategy framework. But Dungeon Warfare 2 is a sprawling effort that has you constructing complete deadly dungeons. It’s unique in that approach, but it’s also extremely exciting with its fast-paced skirmishes.

What’s even more, we believe that its pixelated, retro approach only works wonders for Dungeon Warfare 2. It’s one of the best tower defence games for Android, that’s for sure. If you’re thinking about giving it a shot, make sure to expect more than your typical linear TD – you should be prepared to smash opponents left and right, take part in chaotic and swift battles, and make last-second decisions. Overall, it’s intense but oh so rewarding!

Download Dungeon Warfare 2

4. Bloons TD 6

Publisher: Ninja Kiwi

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Tower defence

Bloons TD 6

Probably the most popular paid tower defense game on Android in the last year or two. Being priced at just 5 dollars/euros/pounds Bloons TD 6 will probably live up to all of your expectations. Namely, you’ll employ monkeys as towers but fear not. These are not your everyday chimps, hitting you with rocks and dung, these are well-trained, special force monkeys ready to put a Rambo to shame with the firepower that they can dish out.

Besides that, the action at the later levels is pretty frenetic, and if you blink too much, you might miss it. At the moment there are over 20 monkeys to pick, and each of them has three different upgrade paths, making it pretty vast and tough to handle, especially at the later stages. On top of that, you’ll have to pick heroes. To give you a hand, you can study the BTD6 hero tier list that we are regularly updating.

Being an offline title in a single player, and the fact that you can join coop multiplayer at any time makes it a darn fine Android tower defence even in 2022.

Download Bloons TD 6

5. Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time

Publisher: PopCap Games

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Tower defence

Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time

Is there something more genre-defining than Plants vs Zombies? We highly doubt that! In this much-beloved sequel, PvZ 2 created an even more bonkers game. Just like in the first one, you’ll have to defend your base from shuffling zombies by positioning unique plants that spit, gobble, and explode in various ingenious ways.

We were not completely impressed with the way IAPs were introduced in the sequel, but still, the game remains one of the all-time best tower defence games Android has to offer. Just check our Plants vs Zombies 2 review if you haven’t given this one a shot yet. We firmly believe that it remains a breath of fresh air.

Download Plants vs Zombies 2

6. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Publisher: Ironhide Game Studio

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Tower defence

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

You’d think we’d be tired of the Kingdom Rush formula by now, but we’re not. This fourth slice of classic TD flips the script and places you in control of the original’s big bad and his demonic forces. You could say that this one is true to the formula of the Android tower defence game!

Read our Kingdom Rush Vengeance review if you’re curious to learn more about this stunning game – we’re truly happy with how it plays, but maybe you’d prefer the original better.

Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that the art style stays the same, the dark army is hella fun, and you’ll find all the secrets and enemies you’re already accustomed to from the series. It’s a game worth checking out!

Download Kingdom Rush Vengeance

7. Clash of Clans

Developer: Supercell

Publisher: Supercell

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans mixes tower defence with strategy, base building, and resource management. It’s a hybrid, then, and an unusually influential one at that. You basically have to position each one of your buildings in such a way that enemies will have a really hard time getting to your Town Hall (the most important building on the board).

You simply cannot overlook this highly beloved (and addictive) mash of genres – it’s a pioneer in the sense that it sparked a number of games to follow the same alluring approach, and that really means something. If you haven’t played a game of Clash of Clans yet, you’re missing out.

Check out how to get free gems in Clash of Clans and the collection of guides we’ve created though – they’re sure to help you get off to a good start and better understand how to best defend your base and smash the opponents’.

Download Clash of Clans

8. Epic Monster TD – RPG Tower Defense

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Epic Monster TD - RPG Tower Defense

Did you ever picture a meme game, where each tower is unique, upgradeable, and the levels are ever-changing? No? Then you must try Epic Monster TD.

Featuring unique characters, such as doggo and some other… rather interesting ones (you’ll see what I mean when you start playing the game) you’ll have to position them accordingly, upgrade them, and fight your way through ever-increasing hordes of monsters.

The best part though is the prestige system, which allows you to start over the second you cannot make any more progress. That will reward you with some additional currency you can use to either make upgrades or unlock towers. And since there is a gacha element in Epic Monster, you should also know that the rates are actually pretty good! That’s rare coming from a free-to-play game.

Download Epic Monster TD

9. Defense Zone 3 HD

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Defense Zone 3 HD

A game with classical war elements is something that both looks good and feels good. Especially when it comes in such a realistic form. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but you’re in love with the idea of it, then know that it’s much better once you get a hands-on approach.

In Defense Zone 3 HD you’ll have realistically-looking towers that one might find in a military base, flamethrowing ones and even air skirmishes in the form of skills meant to give you a helping hand when things get tough. All in all, it’s a well-deserving game on our best Android tower defence games list.

Download Defense Zone 3 HD

10. Kingdom Rush Origins

Developer: Ironhide Game Studio

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Action, Strategy, Tower defence

Kingdom Rush Origins

Four Kingdom Rush games, all playing more or less the same – that’s a bit much, isn’t it? It would be, except for the fact that they all play so much better than almost all of their rivals. Meaning all four well deserved their spot among the best tower defence games for Android!

Make sure to read our Kingdom Rush Origins review if you’re eager to learn more about this original approach to TD games. It’s one of those titles that has it all – you’ll know it once you start getting past the first few waves.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins

11. 2112TD

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy


2112TD is an Android tower defence game, but it pays tribute to RTS classics like Starcraft and C&C, with an isometric perspective and more involved unit management.

It can really take you back to the good ol’ days where you had a much simpler approach to games, so if that’s something you would like from your TD, make sure to give this one a shot. The space-y theme and post-apocalyptic futuristic approach only make it that much more appealing.

You’ll also find that each game mode feels completely different, with the Campaign one being so much more exciting than what you meet in the contemporary Android tower defence games. It’s brilliant.

Download 2112TD

12. Mindustry

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy


Mindustry is an Android tower defense and strategy game. You have to extract resources, build factories and defenses, and fight for survival.

You play as a ship that is responsible for building, taking care of the base, and protecting the assembly lines. The goal of the game is to extract resources using special blocks that will be attached to other blocks using transport lines to process them and deliver them to the core, which will develop your base, assembly line, as well as combat power and defensive ability. The game includes both single-player (campaign and custom play) and cross-platform multiplayer.

Download Mindustry

13. Infinitode 2

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Infinitode 2

This minimalistic geometric Android tower defence game is like no other. Actually, it only resembles the first Infinitode which started it all. It’s a unique game where geometric shapes are what sets things in motion, and your goal is to place, adjust and upgrade them enough to take out those pesky circles and squares.

If a game has managed to impress us through sheer creativity, this would have to be the one.

Download Infinitode 2

14. Anomaly 2

Developer: 11 bit studios

Publisher: 11 bit studios

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Action, Strategy

Anomaly 2

Like Royal Revolt, the Anomaly games turn TD on its head. Here you’re in direct control of the attacking swarm that’s running the gauntlet through your enemy’s static defences. The resulting fireworks are spectacular.

In what seems like one of the best tower defence games Android has to offer, Anomaly 2 is one of the premium titles worth adding to your collection. That is if you love deeply tactical games, online multiplayer, and some unique, state-of-the-art visuals.

Don’t believe that? Then you should read our complete Anomaly 2 review!

Download Anomaly 2

15. Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy

Grow Castle - Tower Defense

Grow Castle – Tower Defense is a free-to-play strategy with tower defense mechanics, available for an audience over 13 years old. Its official release took place on August 31, 2018, only on Android and iOS devices.

In Grow Castle, you need to turn a small tower with defenders into a huge fortress and fight against thousands of enemies! You have to build walls and loopholes, summon heroes, legendary commanders, and a regular army of infantry and archers. It will be an incredibly intense battle in which you will test your strength and luck!

Download Grow Castle – Tower Defense

16. Anomaly Defenders

Publisher: 11 bit studios

Available on: iOS + Android + Steam

Genre: Tower defence

Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders reverses the course of the earlier Anomaly games – which, as it turns out, brings it into sync with the other TD games on this list. It’s a particularly pretty and nuanced example of the form, though.

The way this space game pictures the galaxies, tech and encounters is absolutely stunning – just check out our Anomaly Defenders review. You can rarely find such a heavy strategic gem.

While the game starts off pretty slowly, you won’t get disappointed in the end. It’s actually pretty tough, and it gets tougher the more you play.

Download Anomaly Defenders

17. CastleStorm – Free to Siege

Publisher: Zen Studios

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Action, Strategy, Tower defence

CastleStorm - Free to Siege

An early example of the tower defence genre being chopped and spliced with other genres. CastleStorm has Angry Birds-like pinging, direct hack-and-slash action, and more – and it all holds together very well indeed.

The game appears to have a simple approach at the start, but as soon as enemies start piling up at your gates you’re going to get a real taste of the action. We loved the approach to hero and level updates, for a number of reasons. They can get strong if you know what you’re doing.

Just check our CastleStorm review – we’ve got all the goods (and bads) that make up this game perfectly wrapped up in there.

Download CastleStorm – Free to Siege

18. Castle Creeps TD

Publisher: Outplay Entertainment

Available on: iOS + Android

Castle Creeps TD

Castle Creeps is a fine addition to this list, but it doesn’t offer much that’s new. Instead, though, we get a supremely polished slice of the genre with an appealing cartoon aesthetic.

The one major element we found to work for us in our Castle Creeps TD review is the smoothness with which Castle Creeps TD plays. You have a well-polished game that doesn’t lag, doesn’t have weird bugs or inconsistencies and will let you enjoy the game to the fullest. The battles are not as difficult as to make you want to gauge your eyes out, and obtaining the heroes you want is not out of reach.

Really though, it’s a decent Android tower defence game that does exactly what it’s supposed to do and does that well. What is there not to love?

Download Castle Creeps TD

19. Radiant Defense

Developer: Hexage

Publisher: Hexage

Available on: iOS + Android + Windows Phone

Genre: Tower defence

Radiant Defense

This is probably the brightest Android Tower Defense game on this list. It can offer some unique mechanics. In this game, you build your own routes and only then put towers there while in other games developers make the way for you. Unfortunately, the game can offer only 15 missions. However, it is also quite inexpensive.

Download Radiant Defense

20. Arknights

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: RPG, Strategy


Arknights casts you as a representative of a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it leaves in its wake. Add some sharp anime-style interstitial scenes, and you have a uniquely flavoured TD game. You rarely find a good TD with anime graphics and touch controls as smooth as this one, so if you’re eager to try something exciting and fun, Arknights should be on your radar.

Do not expect the game to be easy though – you’ll find yourself quickly regretting not upgrading THAT unit soon enough, and having to re-play THAT stage a million times until you find the perfect formula to ace it. We know all about it. That’s why we made the Arknights tier list to help you with the upcoming challenges!

So, your best bet would be to take it slowly, and really take in the wholesome experience it provides.
Download Arknights

21. Last Hope TD

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Last Hope TD

An original, stylish, impeccable and bloody Android tower defence game, Last Hope TD features all the elements we all know (and love or hate, depending on the day) from classical games of the genre, but with a touch of zombies. What really impressed us in this game, however, is the arsenal and upgrade tree, which is similar to a skill tree in typical RPGs.

You can develop and upgrade weapons and strategically place them in order to take down hordes of zombies. The simple approach we see first and foremost might be a deterrent to may, but don’t let that fool you. The actual game is super fun, exciting and challenging, and it’ll really drive out your tactical thinking.

Download Last Hope TD

22. Lords Mobile

Publisher: IGG

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy

Lords Mobile

Already an immensely popular multiplayer casual strategy experience in its own right, Lords Mobile has now added a whole new element with its Vergeway tower defence mode.

Overall, it’s a game that has a little bit of everything – a little bit of tower defence, a little bit of gacha in the heroes acquisition, some mainstream elements (battle passes, codes and such) and you will always find people to play the game with since it’s so popular.

You can find a bunch of Lords Mobile guides that we’ve put together for you, so if you are eager to get good and become one of the best players in the world, then you better check them out! We have explained how to obtain and use a Migration Scroll in Lords Mobile and which are the active codes for Lords Mobile amongst other things.

Download Lords Mobile

23. Towerlands

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: RPG, Strategy, Tower defence


A side-on game that lets you defend your realm from within hulking portable battle towers. Mix in some light RPG and management elements, and you have a nice casual twist on TD.

The one thingyou cannot overlook though is the fun-looking graphics and simple, colourful approach. It’s way simpler than CastleStorm but follows the same type of approach.

Basically, you shouldn’t let the cutesy look of the game make you think it’s any less challenging. And if you get stuck, make sure to check our Towerlands beginner’s guide to help you out.

Download Towerlands

24. Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Strategy, Tower defence

Cat'n'Robot: Idle Defense

So, I heard you like cats and Android tower defence games, so why not play something that has a little bit of both? In Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense you have a game where you have to build up your tower, enrol cats to defend it, and fend off enemy players. It’s a colourful, cartoonish game that will put a smile on your face through derpy-looking characters and odd constructs.

Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense is fairly similar to Lords Mobile and other PvP oriented games, but the matches are a lot quicker if you’ve assembled the right army. All in all, it’s a top pick if you’re seeking some lighthearted action where deep strategy is not something you’ll have to worry about the moment you step foot into the game.

Download Cat’n’Robot: Idle Defense

25. Random Dice

Available on: iOS + Android

Genre: Tower defence

Random Dice

Tower defence games are usually solitary affairs, but Random Dice adds an intriguing PvP angle. An abstract dice aesthetic keeps things appropriately clean and concise.

Also, you don’t need to worry about luck – the game is more about strategy than gambling away all of your units and whatnot. In short, you need to assemble a team of dice and place them strategically on your board. Then, you’ll face off against an opponent and you’ll have to outsmart them through strategic moves and rolls.

There are lots of options, strategies and tips that you can follow from fellow players (or friends of yours who play the game), but ultimately you’ll find something that works for your playstyle. It’s one of the best games of the bunch, so if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, make sure to check it out.

Download Random Dice

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