Choosing The Ideal Tiles for The Bathroom

Tiles for the Bathroom are the perfect choice when we consider both the functionality as well as the aesthetics. The core reason for tiles being an ideal choice is the range of variety and material finesse available in an ever-growing market. 

Bathing spaces are one of the crucial areas in your homes. Tiles act as an ideal addition as they are versatile and easy to use. Depending on the colour palette, one can make an easy choice for selecting a tile for their bathroom. 

Tile Color Selection

Colours are an important factor to define the sense of activity and vibe in a space. This should be in resonance with the concept of your indoor spaces as well. Usually, when it comes to choosing the ideal tiles for the bathroom, the preferred colours are white, beige or light shades. But it’s not always necessary to stick to a stereotype or go rogue, it all depends on the concept and vibe you are aiming to achieve. 

If you wish to have a playful vibe then shades of yellow are ideal to create a fun mood. Whereas, if you want your spaces to have an elevated luxury and grandeur,  darker tones like navy blue, black or brown work well with these concepts. If you wish to have light and breezy spaces, t white paired with nature in the form of indoor plants can do wonders to your bathing spaces. 

Your bathroom is an experiential space and therefore, tiles for the bathroom along with the various textures, accents, lights, etc. work in collaboration to create that ambience of having a personalised space. 

Types of Exquisite Tiles for the Bathroom

1. Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles 

These tiles are a little on the extravagant side perfect for homeowners who seek grandeur, luxury, and exclusivity from their spaces. They are one of the most popular tiling materials and can be used for bathroom floors as well as walls. 

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Source: The Spruce

The inert quality of these tile types to be scratch resistant, affordable, long-lasting, maintenance-free and non-porous helps them in being an easy and efficient choice for bathrooms. They are available in various materials, textures, colours, and designs that suit every homeowner’s taste. 

Both these tiles are made from clay but one of the crucial differences is that porcelain tiles use finer clay and need technical finesse to take them. They are also denser and stronger hence more preferred than ceramic tiles. 

2. Terracotta Tiles For The Bathroom

Terracotta Tiles For The Bathroom

Source: Airtasker

A tile type that exudes an earthy and rustic look. These tiles are locally made from clay and are dried then fired in a kiln. The sustainable making of these tiles accentuates their earthy appearance. If tastefully done, these tiles can instantly elevate the spatial quality. 

3. Natural Stone

If you aim to achieve a timeless look in your bathing spaces then the stone tile is the perfect choice for your bathrooms. Just like stone, these tiles are known for their durability, features and long life span. 

Natural Stone

Source: Bathroom Heaven 

They are available in the form of slabs or as small tiles and can be converted into an aesthetic design as you like. The originality of stone creates an earthy bathing experience. For homeowners who seek natural spaces, these tiles are the ideal go-to solution for you. 

They are slightly expensive and require regular maintenance and seedling. Also, care should be taken that you are avoiding the use of granite or marble in bathroom spaces as they tend to get slippery and can cause accidents. Tiles for the bathroom need to have inert non-slippery characteristics. 

Natural stone tiles are also used as backsplash tiles due to their aesthetic appearance that helps in making space look more attractive. 

4. Glass Tiles For The Bathroom

Glass is known for enhancing a space due to its luxurious look and feel. They have a luminous surface, which can also reflect light. For bathroom spaces, you can opt for various backsplash glass tiles that are textured. This will help in creating interesting patterns. 

Glass Tiles For The Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

The tiles are water and stain-resistant while being extremely low maintenance. Moreover, they have an aesthetic appearance that instantly creates eccentric space. 

5. Mosaic Tiles 

A material that dates back to ancient history, mosaic tiles have been a part of home decor for over eras now. Apart from mosaic tiles being timeless, they are also easy to maintain and are ideal for your bathing spaces. The versatility of this material is such that it can be made from glass, ceramic, and natural stone. 

Mosaic Tiles

Source: The Spruce

They can be mixed and matched with your vertical walls as well as your flooring spaces. The best part is that they require a large amount of grout, due to this an anti-skid surface is created instantly, making this material safe to use. 

How to Choose Tiles for the Bathroom?

With a wide range of variety available, it can be a task to choose the ideal tiles for the bathroom. The best way to start is by determining your budget, post that, you can start narrowing down on tiles that fit the budget to make the search more precise. 

Thinking about the focal points where you want your attention to be driven can be the best way to spot the space for backsplash tiles since they have an inert beauty to capture the eye.  Measuring space and its scale can also help you in deciding the ideal sizes for the tiles to avoid them looking too big or too small. 

Tiles for the Bathroom are the best choice when it comes to making the spaces look attractive while keeping them extremely low maintenance. Backsplash tiles for shower and bathroom have become the trending phenomenon in 2021, so go out there and get your bathroom revamped with these attractive and timeless pieces. 

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