Throwback platformer Clive ‘N’ Wrench at last launches in 2023

Clive 'N' Wrench

Publisher Numskull Games and developer Dinosaur Bytes introduced Clive ‘N’ Wrench is finally launching in February 2023.

The 2015-introduced throwback mascot platformer match is launching in February 2023 for Windows Personal computer (through Steam), Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The PS4 and PS5 variations were being recently declared right now.

Both equally a normal and a collector’s version will be offered at retail: the collector’s version characteristics the game’s soundtrack, distinctive character cards, fridge magnet and a total color manual, and the regular edition comes with a mini-booklet which includes a breakdown of the duo’s unique moves.

Here’s a rundown on the sport, and some new trailers: at?v=6BURx5RWjEk

Here’s a rundown on the sport:

Clive ‘N’ Wrench information

Clive ‘N’ Wrench is a 3D platformer starring Clive, a rabbit, and Wrench, the literal monkey on his again. Your journey requires you hurtling by time and space in a 1950’s refrigerator on a heroic quest to thwart the tyrannical Dr Daucus and stop his evil designs.

Just one fateful early morning Professor Nancy Merricarp wakes to find that her proudly shown time journey blueprints have been nabbed by the downright evil Dr Daucus! Minutes afterwards a sudden flash of purple illuminates the sky, and a portal appears! Dr Daucus and his sidekick, General Olga Chestycough, jump into the portal and no faster than it appeared the portal vanishes. The good news is Nancy’s cousin, Clive and her apprentice Wrench are there to support go after the wicked medical professional and place an conclude to his horrid designs! But to do this they have to vacation by means of time on their own!

Journey Through Time and House.

Dr Daucus is blundering carelessly by time in search of “Ancient Stones”, which will deliver him good electric power. Fortunately our heroes are on hand to save the day! Your journey will take you by means of 11 distinct worlds all through different intervals of time.

You will locate on your own in all kinds of delightfully in-depth worlds these types of as ancient Egypt in Tempus Tombs and the prehistoric ice age in Iceratops. You’ll meet up with vibrant cast of figures from both equally the modern day day and all over time. There is experience waiting around for you in each interesting era!

Smooth Moves.

The two Clive and Wrench have a numerous shift established, enabling them to explore just about every age with model and ease. Clive is specifically athletic and is nicely skilled in the artwork of parkour. This pairs completely with Wrench who is tremendous stretchy and tremendous powerful. Collectively they can journey any place and just take on regardless of what the evil Dr Daucus and his army of historic figures throw their way!

A operate of passion. Clive ‘N’ Wrench is a serious get the job done of enthusiasm from the developer Rob Wass, who is a true and genuine lover of the 3D platformer style.


  • • Solitary player 3D platforming adventure
  • • 11 vivid and exhilarating worlds themed all around several time durations.
  • • Collectibles to find in the course of each and every degree – Pocket Watches, Keys and Historical Stones
  • • A lively forged of quirky characters and a lot of mechanically diversified boss levels
  • • A wide selection of dynamic and unforgettable characters, both equally superior and evil
  • • Assorted shift set that includes agile parkour and the magnificent ‘Chimp Chopper’

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