This Deluxe Steam Deck Kickstand Will make A Big Change



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A Steam Deck, seen from the rear, leans back on its attached Deckmate kickstand.

Photo: Kotaku

Though the Steam Deck, Valve’s souped-up mini Computer system, delivers a prosperity of gaming activities in a portable structure, the deficiency of a kickstand has been a sore spot. Enter the Deckmate: A basic, plastic bracket that lets you attach not just a incredibly helpful kickstand, but also various other specialized mounting solutions to the back again of the Deck.

The Deckmate is the brainchild of product design and style engineer Siri Ramos. Ramos has explained how the Steam Deck community’s enthusiasm and assistance has helped them mature what was when a entertaining personalized job into a totally highlighted products. To be absolutely sure, the community’s enjoy for compact maker-model initiatives is obvious just from scrolling by r/SteamDeck. The Deckmate progressed from a series of prototypes and early 3D-printed pieces to a expert-experience ultimate product. Now getting utilised it for a handful of weeks, it feels like a really normal extension of my Deck, just one with a couple of surprises of its very own.

At the center of the Deckmate “system,” as the creator calls it, is the “grip,” a easy plastic claw that, perfectly, grips the back again of the mini-Computer system like a headcrab on a very poor zombie. And like that headcrab, this is a fairly seamless attachment, one that does not interfere with the system’s inventory protecting case. The grip can also hold two spare SD playing cards, and like a headcrab, is probable to want to stay where you place it. I have transferred it to one more Steam Deck just when, and bending the plastic back to get it off feels like a thing I only want to do a handful of periods at most.

The clips are noticeable on the top rated and base of the gadget when on the lookout at it from the entrance, but the coloration and texture of the plastic blends in very well with the Deck. I hardly see it anymore, and don’t really feel it with my hands when enjoying.

A Steam Deck with the Deckmate grip attached lays facedown in the case.

The “grip” bracket snaps on snugly and supplies the attachment issue for anything else.
Photograph: Kotaku

The grip bracket alone doesn’t do a great deal. Instead, it makes it possible for for a wide range of “mounts” to slot into the again of the system. These lock into place with a pair of springs. Offered mounts involve that remarkably handy kickstand, “pucks” with adhesives to fasten a battery or USB-C hub, wall mounts, and even a 75mm VESA mount like you see on the backs of Computer system monitors.

Even though I applied just one of my pucks for a handy USB-C hub that allowed me to plug in a assortment of USB gadgets alongside with an ethernet cable to speed up downloads, the kickstand felt most vital to me.

You may possibly not think substantially of a kickstand it is a pretty primary device and principle. But presented the measurement and excess weight of the Steam Deck, staying equipped to connect one particular to the back has been type of like escalating a 3rd arm, in particular when enjoying on a sofa or mattress.

This dawned on me when I made the decision to fireplace up Spider-Guy: Remastered just one night time. Laying in bed, with the kickstand in place, I could just relaxation the unit in front of me to observe the opening cutscene, then pick it up when I was completely ready to begin swinging all-around Manhattan island. That may not appear to be so revelatory if you haven’t set in also lots of hrs on a Deck, so permit me give some context.

The Steam Deck sits upright with a kickstand from the Deckmate.

The Deckmate is compatible with the solar, though I am not.
Photograph: Kotaku

The Steam Deck is about as heavy as it looks. It is a major device! And taking part in for extended durations of time, at the very least for me, kinda will make my fingers get prickly and then, numb. Remaining in a position to set it down with the display even now going through me and give my arms a split all through non-interactive cutscenes has permitted me to devote additional time gaming. The kickstand also has a awesome volume of adjustment. It can move a complete 120 levels, and it in no way feels like that notoriously flimsy piece of junk hooked up to the Nintendo Change, which always appeared to threaten to snap proper off. The Deckmate kickstand is also excellent for location the unit down on a desk and connecting a keyboard.

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One unexpected profit entails the Deck’s superior heat output. Becoming able to prop it up with the exhaust lover pointing in a much more vertical direction feels like a greater way to established the unit down whilst it’s downloading something or participating in a graphically intensive cutscene. If Reddit’s to be believed, there may well also be aromatherapeutic gains to delight in.

A further surprising use of the kickstand was that, even though laying in mattress or on a couch, I could form of use it like a monopole, allowing it assistance much more of the pounds of the system. As a consequence, my fingers weren’t undertaking the do the job of both of those playing the system and holding it. Over-all, the Deckmate with the kickstand accent has just made the Deck a much more cozy device for me.

Even though I found the kickstand to be the star of the clearly show, other individuals might discover far more utility in mounting more equipment onto the adhesive pucks. As the Deckmate’s site warns, the adhesive made use of on these pucks is nearly lasting. So if you want to adhere a significant battery pack or USB hub or whatsoever, be informed that you’re generating a rather permanent bond between the puck attachment and the accessory. They’re likely to be mates for life.

The rear of a Steam Deck shows off a USB-C hub held in place with the Deckmate puck mount.

I have acquired a great deal heading on again there now.
Photo: Kotaku

A couple other caveats exist. If you have some type of smartphone-type circumstance wrapped around your Deck, thereby rising its thickness, the base grip bracket in all probability will not in good shape all around it. Fortunately, a Deckmate adapter that sporting activities the very same 3M adhesive as the pucks provides an alternate means by which to fasten the grip to the back again of a 3rd-social gathering circumstance. It may be not possible to take care of conflicts with specified docks, though. When the Deckmate’s FAQ appears extremely optimistic about it fitting into some thing like a JSAUX dock, I identified the grip bracket was just a little bit far too large and created it unstable when sitting in my dock.

You can also only use a single mount at a time, so if you want to the two use the kickstand and demand the device with an exterior battery, you’ll have to pick out which is obtaining connected to the device. Granted, if you’re applying the kickstand, you most likely have a flat surface to rest that battery down in any case.

The Steam Deck sits next to various Deckmate attachments. The cord on the side shows signs of an iffy Photoshop.

The Steam Deck, with the grip connected, sits up coming to several Deckmate attachments (the right-most puck is adhered to a generic USB-C hub).
Picture: Kotaku

Critically, if you’re working with a USB-C hub, you need to spend thorough consideration to cable duration, specifically when building the remaining selection to adhere a puck to the hub. In my situation, I suspect I adhered the puck a tiny too minimal on my hub, and as a outcome, the USB-C cable has a little bit as well much tension when achieving all the way up to my Deck’s one USB-C port. I’m very likely heading to consider and reposition this, but supplied that the adhesive is a a single-time use factor, I’m most likely going to have to get innovative. Moral of the tale: Evaluate your cable lengths and make use of appropriate-angle adapters the place it would make sense.

As soon as detached, the kickstand and any puck-outfitted gadgets will very easily suit in the storage case the Deck arrives with. You can just tuck it into that compartment on the underside that several a Steam Deck consumer has discovered resourceful makes use of for. That explained, if your accent desires extend to a gamepad, keyboard, and nonetheless other other peripherals, you are going to need to have a larger bag. For individuals situations you want to travel mild, you can just detach the Deckmate mounts and go away the barely apparent “grip” bracket.

Deckmate parts fit snugly in the underside compartment of the Steam Deck's stock case.

Deckmate components in good shape snugly in the underside compartment of the Steam Deck’s stock scenario.
Photo: Kotaku

If you just want to get the kickstand, you’ll need to have the grip bracket, which operates for $20, and then the kickstand mount itself for an further $15. Individual pucks are $7 just about every. You can also opt to buy the “Entire Process,” which features the grip, two pucks, the VESA mount, a wall mount, and the case-agnostic adapter for $49. When you can surely find cheaper kickstand alternatives on Amazon and in other places, the Deckmate process feels sturdy and trusted. Sitting down the Deck down with the Deckmate kickstand, it under no circumstances feels like it is heading to topple over (as extensive as the angle is established correct). Its sizing and create top quality really feel like a fantastic match for the Deck itself.

You can also go the Do-it-yourself route by downloading the Deckmate’s digital information and print them on your own. I imagine it will choose some demo and error, but the data files are no cost and distributed, as all issues should be, underneath a Creative Commons license.

Overall, the Deckmate, notably with its kickstand, is a good Steam Deck accent that expands where (and how) I can perform games on it. It is superior high quality, appears to be like superior, and meshes nicely with the Do-it-yourself spirit of the gadget. With any luck we’ll see additional exceptional, good quality projects of this type as the Deck settles into the broader landscape of gaming hardware.

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