• Preset many instances throughout the activity the place stage geometry would fall out at sure vantage details.
  • Fastened a variety of problems linked to image method.
  • Altered the “Fidelity” display screen setting to goal 30 FPS, even with a HFR tv. Taken out the prerequisite for VRR to enabled “Unlocked Framerate” in “Fidelity” manner.
  • Current the descriptions of “Performance” and “Fidelity” modes to a lot more clearly explain their behavior.
  • Compact changes to the audio blend and lights all through a sequence in the closing chapter of the key game.


  • Fastened an problem wherever the optional conversation all-around the hanging system in the Pittsburgh Money Plaza would not trigger.
  • Fixed a world-wide issue wherever h2o splash Fx were being not displaying as intended.
  • Mounted a variety of problems with localized textual content and Screen Reader in the principal menus.
  • Preset an situation where by the credits would be flipped when working with the Mirror Planet modifier.
  • Set an instance wherever characters would be lacking facial animations when found from perspectives only feasible in photograph manner.
  • (New Match Moreover) Fastened an issue wherever weapon update pieces would halt spawning in advance of the participant experienced upgraded all guns.
  • (Accessibility) Improved how Navigation Guidance functions in the Pittsburgh Hotel and the Lakeside Mine fights.
  • (Accessibility) Mounted an difficulty exactly where Invisibility Toggle with “Limited” time was not counting down the right way.