The DioField Chronicle Assessment: For King and Nation



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The DioField Chronicle is a JRPG that punches earlier mentioned its body weight, controlling to prevail over a clearly constrained finances and presentation to produce a wildly exclusive knowledge that tackles interesting narrative themes. There are some notable problems that plague the practical experience, but The DioField Chronicle has a vision that, for the most aspect, it manages to satisfy. 

In all regards, DioField isn’t really your usual JRPG in conditions of how the narrative and overcome engage in out. The recreation usually takes area on the titular DioField Island, where by the historical Kingdom of Alletain guidelines with the enable of the Granvelle Church. You adhere to a small group of mercenaries named The Blue Foxes, who go from obscurity to playing a central role in shaping the long term of DioField.

DioField‘s tale is quite heavy on exposition, with much of the narrative instructed by way of narrated scenes on the planet map or lengthy dialogue sections concerning characters. The slow narrative presentation, coupled with sluggish pacing and writing, is wherever many gamers will likely finish up hitting a wall, even if the eventual result has lots of intrigue and fascinating characters.

Possibly what is actually most powerful, nevertheless, are the themes of clashing beliefs the sport toys with. This is a kingdom steeped in tradition and reverence for the establishment, but there is a mounting motion for democracy commencing. Your characters are on the facet of the monarchy, and DioField superbly juxtaposes the flaws of each governmental programs. It’s scarce to see a video game prepared to dilemma ideas in these kinds of a dynamic way, and it functions to the all round narrative’s power. 

However, combat is wherever the video game shines, making use of a hybrid of common JRPG units and actual-time approach. Just about every fight can take area on a self-contained map, and you can just take up to four models into fight, with each individual unit accompanied by an adjutant. People are split into 4 diverse device types  Troopers, Cavaliers, Magickers, and Sharpshooters — that all perform otherwise. Within these lessons are sub-courses, providing even more variation. 

You shift your models about the map in actual time but can pause the motion to pick out skills, use objects, or pick new positions. Competencies are dictated by a useful resource named EP, while you also have potent Magulimic Orbs that can unleash powerful creature summons. 

Proper off the bat, DioField’s beat feels wholly one of a kind, and it can be a method that encourages the two strategy and experimentation. You can find a ton of enjoyment to be experienced in seeking out various techniques and devices sets, then looking at how contrasting figures operate collectively. Issues glow when maps deliver you with unique difficulties, like ranged towers that fireplace at you, or alternate pathways by which to method enemies. 

Between battles, you are going to have a probability to operate all around the Blue Fox’s foundation and enhance your army in the method. There are a range of possibilities for growing your military, from investigating new weapons to upgrading several expertise for your models, bestowing them with new energy or alternate consequences. 

Even though you can discover the base and speak to figures, it can be mostly a static place that never changes throughout the experience. It is really a single facet of DioField that feels as if it could have been a thing significantly grander, particularly when in comparison to other approach RPGs that permit you investigate dynamic destinations, like Garreg Mach Monastery in Hearth Emblem: A few Houses

DioField also puts a major emphasis on facet quests, and there are a couple of cases where you might be encouraged to grind to satisfy a stage prerequisite for the next most important tale quest. It is really in these times that DioField’s shtick commences to have on thin. Although I adore the system and variety associated in the main beat experience, the game’s map design and style falters the far more sidequests I performed. The principal missions do a fantastic task of mixing issues up, but so lots of sidequests merely boil down to taking on a bunch of enemies with a serious absence of more sophisticated goals. 

It also feels as if there could be additional variation in the presentation in normal. When the game’s hand-drawn portraits and art are definitely stunning, the character products truly feel wood and cold by comparison. At the same time, far too much of the tale is sent by way of static conversations instead than the extra lively and flashy cutscnes. This same thought also applies to the wonderful rating. What’s there is good, but there just usually are not enough tracks hearing the precise identical new music in fight just after struggle soon after battle immediately after battle receives aged. 

The DioField Chronicle Evaluation — The Base Line



  • Superb battle that feels strategic and exclusive. 
  • &#13

  • Complex and astonishingly ambitious narrative themes.
  • &#13

  • A ton of customization alternatives for your military that encourages experimentation.
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  • Facet content doesn’t have more than enough selection.
  • &#13

  • Slow-burn up story that relies on exposition dumps.
  • &#13

  • Lackluster presentation that frequently falls shorter.
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The DioField Chronicle has some wonderful strategies, even if some of them sense a bit underbaked. This could be the basis of a thing formidable for Square Enix, and if a further match could construct upon the overcome process and narrative design located here,  it could genuinely switch into something particular.

DioField‘s tale is a incredible sluggish melt away that may well turn individuals off, but the battle has sufficient depth and method to make up for it. The DioField Chronicle is easily a single of the most distinctive video games of the 12 months and a breath of refreshing air in the JRPG style, even for its problems. 

[Note: Square Enix provided the copy of The DioField Chronicle used for this review.]

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