The Darkest Tales, nightmarish motion adventure game, coming to Change



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The Darkest Tales

Publisher 101XP and developer Trinity Group right now verified that they’ll be releasing The Darkest Tales on Change. The nightmarish action journey title is because of out on Oct 13, 2022.

Go on on underneath for far more information about the match.

In The Darkest Tales, gamers follow the experience of Teddy, a grumpy (still instead cute) aged bear brought to lifestyle to rescue his operator Alicia, and Lighty, a chatty glowing orb fairy, as they embark on a journey as a result of distorted fairy-tale planes inhabited by nightmare-inducing enemies and nail-biting adventures.

Tackle the horrors of a dim and twisted entire world, checking out beautiful nonetheless hostile terrains, encounter when helpful childhood tale people turned evil: a flesh-feeding on Small Pink Using Hood and a monstrous Pinocchio, to only title but two, and equipment up for a complicated climb on the towering Beanstalk. Survive in which all many others failed in the rescue of Teddy’s aged owner Alicia, and bring peace again to her childhood crib.

Can Teddy and Lighty battle off Alicia’s demonic desires, or will Teddy’s stitches unravel at the seams and Lighty’s hopes flicker into darkness?

Key Characteristics

  • Get your hands on sharp enchanted weapons to soar, slice, and sprint your way through anybody who stands in your way.
  • Create your ability tree to master a ton of new tips that contain speedier healing, dashes, double jumps, supplemental damage, and a lot far more!
  • You may well try to remember them differently… Do struggle with a ton of the moment helpful, now fatal, fairy-tale people turned evil bosses, together with a double-blade wielding Very little Purple Using Hood and a petrifying Pinnochio, becoming his own puppet master.
  • Each chapter of this playable novel options a concoction of lovely yet haunting surroundings. From well-identified environments this kind of as Geppetto’s beaten-up workshop and the luscious greenery of beanstalk towers, to a chilling mountainous climb, risk lurks about every corner.
  • Totally voiced characters, a rich storyline stuffed with recognizable fairy-tale lore, and attractive but haunting landscapes and ranges.

And here’s a trailer for The Darkest Tales:

Aleksandra Volskaya, head of model administration & PR at 101XP, claimed of today’s news: “We’re satisfied to enable everyone know about The Darkest Tales’ launch day now, and we’re searching ahead to what our enthusiasts will feel of this devilish twist on fairy-tale tales. We were really satisfied to see so several gamers try our prologue again in October final yr, and just cannot wait to see all of you and extra leaping into the entire release in just a few months.”

Source: 101XP PR

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