TF2’s voice forged is terrorising America’s compact cities on a hunt for sandwiches

Try to remember when the globe was young, Crew Fortress 2 was new(ish), and Valve was placing out individuals Satisfy The Workforce (opens in new tab) character spotlight films to boost the sport? Properly, they are back, other than alternatively of in-motor trailers, the game’s voice forged appears to be to have taken it on itself to interact in a type of serious-existence guerilla advertising and marketing marketing campaign, baffling onlookers but significantly entertaining me individually.

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The ‘Search for Sandvich’ sequence sees the voice actors of characters like TF2’s Sniper, Large, Medic, Announcer and so on roam America’s unsuspecting small towns in a hunt for, perfectly, sandwiches. It began back again at the beginning of September, when the game’s voice forged was united in Seattle for PAX West 2022, and only looks to have snowballed from there.

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