Steam Deck Is Speeding Up Production And Shipments



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Valve has announced that it’s ahead of schedule on Steam Deck production, speeding through reservations for the handheld PC gaming device. Per its most recent update, all reservations made for the Q3 period have had email invitations sent out, with the company now getting a head start on Q4.

“We’re speeding through reservations at an accelerated pace,” Valve said in its most recent shipping update. “This is due to increased production, and we’ve beaten our own estimates yet again. With today’s batch of emails we’ve now sent invitations for all reservations in the Q3 (July-September) bucket.”

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Instead of offering pre-orders, Valve offers reservations for anyone interested in purchasing a Steam Deck, adding users to a queue Once at the front of the queue, users receive an email to purchase their Steam Deck. With orders now being fulfilled ahead of schedule, Valve has updated the store front to reflect the new production estimates, “with an updated bucket description: September-December.”

Since its launch earlier this year, the Steam Deck has been well-reviewed, offering real competition to the Nintendo Switch when it comes to third-party titles, especially indies. Valve also recently opened its official repair centers for the Steam Deck.

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