Soulstice — Swift tips to get you began



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Soulstice is now offered to anybody hunting for some significant-octane character action. To assistance out, here are some speedy tips for Soulstice gamers searching to get an early commence on some of the finer details of gameplay.

Synergize it

Synergy assaults can be a little bit complicated to pull off at 1st. In the higher-suitable-hand corner, there are portraits of Briar and Lute. When they’re alongside one another in a single portrait and the portrait is a type of grey colour, you have a synergy assault readily available. All you have to have to do is any weapon’s 2nd combo, namely the attack, attack, pause, attack, attack, assault combo, which you can purchase by way of the skills menu. Immediately just after, push the assault button once more after completing this combo, you will use the synergy assault. But be mindful. The pause in the combo presents enemies excess space to attack and finding strike in advance of the assault triggers will lower your unity, that means you won’t be capable to use the assault at all right up until you get your unity back up.

Purchase these updates

I assumed the upgrades sold in the shop would just be specific parts like the types you’ll locate in the degrees or difficulties but they are actually whole upgrades. When you invest in them, the up grade will right away get effect, so no need to trouble with generating guaranteed you now have two enhance pieces to make them worthwhile. Also, Soulstice does not convey to you, but you’ll have to have to acquire Lute’s 22,000 Cobalt up grade before she gains entry to new moves.

Challenge on your own from the menu

Any time you find a challenge in a level and commence it, it becomes obtainable from the Extras part of the menu. If you really do not really feel like executing a obstacle when you are in the center of a amount or basically really don’t at this time have what it usually takes to conquer a challenge, you can always use this to arrive back later and get the enhance reward used to your character.


Weapons in Soulstice get a major leap in usefulness if you update their profiency. What this does is give that unique weapon amplified efficacy against certain enemy styles. Some weapons are better from selected sorts than other folks, so take be aware of which are the strongest so that you really don’t struggle enemies for for a longer time than will need be. FYI, the gloves lessen enemy armor actually effectively, so those will possibly be your go-to to offer with them.

Thorough with Lute’s upgrades

Lute’s update tree has a large amount of capabilities that will enormously support you out through battle. These consist of enabling her to shoot a lot more blasts, use much more counters, and develop explosions that aid you. But when you unlock them and Lute starts incorporating them to her repertroire, she’ll use up a lot more of her entropy. For specific fights, this indicates that overcharging and acquiring Lute vanish for cherished seconds will grow to be significantly far more popular if you never have more than enough updates to maintain your entropy from overflowing.

No need to have to hoard

You may possibly be tempted to hoard healing products in Soulstice. Similar goods are substantially far more useful in other character motion games but they’re really low-cost and commonplace here. You can only hold three of the excellent healing merchandise and five of the lesser one particular and you will regularly obtain equally sitting out in the open up throughout concentrations, so you shouldn’t sense like you only will need to use them in an emergency. They only charge 1,000 or 350 crimson currency from the store, so they’re cheap even if you want to acquire additional ahead of a manager combat.

Soulstice Quick Tips 3

That’s all for our Soulstice swift ideas. If all else fails, just preserve hitting them until they die.


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