Silent Hill Director Confirms Numerous New Silent Hill Online games



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The Silent Hill rumor mill carries on to churn, it seems. In a new interview, Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans seems to confirm various new Silent Hill games are in the will work, and what is actually additional, they’re staying developed under the auspices of Team Silent, so it’s not only Bloober Crew becoming dragged into the titular city.

Past month, a new Silent Hill sport, seemingly titled Silent Hill: The Small Concept, was rated in Korea, lending far more credence to the frequently-swirling rumors of a Silent Hill revival. Now, thanks to a French job interview with Gans conducted by Mag, individuals rumors have been all but confirmed.

As normal, the Silent Hill community has been swift to answer to Gans’ interview. Gaming analyst and leaker Dusk Golem, who tweets as AestheticGamer, place alongside one another an exceptionally valuable thread pulling in his individual speculations and awareness together with translations by ResetEra person Angie. In that thread, we master that Gans suggests he is doing work “with Group Silent, the original creators” on the next Silent Hill game.

Alex in Silent Hill: Homecoming standing before a gate outside a dilapidated house
It is really tough to uncover most Silent Hill video games on modern devices, as there are large gaps in the series. Homecoming‘s however out there, though.

Gans also suggests there are “quite a few games in enhancement”, one particular of which is presumably Konami’s collaboration with Bloober Team (which is almost certainly a Silent Hill 2 remake). According to Gans, Konami was spurred on to revive Silent Hill thanks to the Resident Evil remakes and revival online games, which are “evidently excellent video games”, as he puts it (again, with translations by a ResetEra consumer).

In a separate thread, Golem discusses the importance of “Crew Silent”. As he factors out, Crew Silent is a thing of a mythical entity it never experienced a good lineup, with a great deal of staff members coming and likely across major Silent Hill installments. Nonetheless, Golem points out that Gans’ reference to Workforce Silent implies there is possibly a advancement outfit below that identify at Konami yet again, and that he is found staffers he acknowledges as owning worked on Silent Hill video games just before.

It truly is tough not to really feel like we’re drawing nearer to some official Silent Hill reveals. Again in May possibly, Konami DMCA’d a sequence of shots that purported to demonstrate a new Silent Hill video game, suggesting these illustrations or photos had been in all probability authentic. You will find also the aforementioned Korean score for The Brief Concept, whichever that turns out to be. Here’s hoping we listen to one thing formal quickly. Now, there’s just the reported Metallic Gear and Castlevania revivals to seem forward to.

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