Shovel Knight Dig Review – Digging Down In Glory



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The next I started Shovel Knight Dig, it felt like returning home. As someone who hadn’t performed most of Shovel Knight’s put up-launch DLC, the previous time I touched this collection was practically a 10 years in the past. Attaining management of the titular character right away felt familiar, and my previous Shovel Knight habits returned to greet this new take on the series, led by developer Nitrome this time. The second-to-second encounter performs excellently, in portion because it’s far more Shovel Knight with some very well-made gameplay twists. Having said that, the game’s enterprise into roguelite territory feels inessential and so mild-stepped that it didn’t encourage me it necessary to be a portion of this ever-growing genre. Still, Shovel Knight Dig is extra Shovel Knight, that means retro-recreation and platforming enthusiasts will obtain wonderful pleasure all through. 

Relatively than relocating correct via a beautifully pixelated stage, Dig jobs gamers with digging down, further and further into procedurally produced stages. This provides new feelings in the pantheon of thoughts I truly feel although actively playing a Shovel Knight video game: urgency and stress. Unlike many platformers out there, you can not choose the time to observe the place you need to go and how best to get there. You have to continue to keep digging down and while likely back up a handful of spaces is possible, it is not easy. You’re not meant to backtrack for the reason that your target is much underneath you. If you miss out on some gems or one particular of the stage’s 3 equipment cogs, which unlock a unique reward reward, you in all probability missed your possibility. 


On best of that, if you devote far too prolonged in any a person put, the antagonist Drill Knight will use a massive 1-hit-eliminate excavation equipment to bury you further into the Smeltworks, Secret Fountain, Grub Pit, or 1 of the game’s other stages. I like this additional worry to Dig’s platforming, which mainly feels equivalent to that of the primary Shovel Knight activity. 

Soon after finishing a few levels in a presented lair, you experience a boss. I adore these boss fights, but they are disappointing in the context of Dig. They experience like Shovel Knight bosses, fast-paced and fun, but they don’t acquire edge of the new mechanics distinct to Dig. You bounce all-around an arena trying to hurt a boss when dodging their assaults. Only the last boss implements the game’s one of a kind dig platforming mechanics and I want this variety of design was present in the numerous other opponents I confronted before this a single. 

The hrs I used digging down via phase immediately after phase, I not often felt like I was enjoying a roguelite. It was only when I died and returned to earlier mentioned ground, which is wherever a camp of NPCs you’ve achieved and shopkeepers reside, that I was reminded of the game’s idea-toe into roguelite mechanics. You lose your stage development and some of your gems upon loss of life, but these losses are so minuscule that I never ever felt compelled to go out of my way to retrieve my dropped currency in the up coming operate. 


I also never ever felt the need to equip new sets of armor, which can only be acquired after discovering templates of them in mystery places scattered all through the many stages. In simple fact, the only everlasting upgrade I could make was to my bag, which authorized me to hold onto a lot more than a person merchandise, like a doorway or chest essential, at a time. Component of the exciting of a roguelite is tracking your progression and developing additional effective each and every run, but in Dig, every run felt like a brand new commence. I didn’t loathe this, but it’s not my cup of tea. 

Even now while, because most of my eight hrs with Dig have been invested spelunking by means of phases main down, I rarely experienced to consider about the game’s roguelite endeavours. I expended most of my time taking part in as a result of lovely phases to the tune of chippy synth tunes, fascinated with how far Nitrome and Yacht Club had been ready to extend the “dig” aspect of this recreation. Possibly the roguelite character of Dig will enjoy a more substantial purpose in my submit-sport excavations for the reason that I’m rearing to leap back again in to learn all of its tricks. Even if it doesn’t, however, I know I still have at minimum a several additional several hours of good Shovel Knight gameplay in advance of me and in the environment of platforming, that is a treasure truly worth digging up.

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