Know Why People Still Prefer Freebase Over Salt Nic Vape Juices

Suppose you enjoy vaping salt nic vape juices or the freebase ones. In that case, you definitely are aware that both types are radically different from the previous versions in several ways. As expected, salt nicotine juices are mainly used with pod mod systems and ohm devices that are way too different from those huge and complicated box mod setups. 

After switching to salt nic vapes juices, vaping enthusiasts would have noticed that they often appear to go through juice. This somehow turns out to be a welcome change as it can be an advantage for consumers as they save a good deal of money with time. Still, what is the main thing that exactly makes vaping with nicotine salts liquids better? Let’s know the key difference first. 

You are pretty familiar that freebase juices don’t have any nicotine. In contrast, the nic salt e-liquids have specific nicotine content. Did you know that this nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves, then combined with benzoic acid that increases the strength of the present nicotine? Now, what’s the benefit of this? It allows the consumers to enjoy a better hit of nicotine without getting that burnt and harsh hit. 

salt nicotine juice

So far as every consumer has their vaping preferences, salt nicotine juices are not a good option. Here is a quick rundown of why everyone may not like the salt nic version of e-juices. 

  • Typically, experts share that nic salt juices are not for putting cloud chasers. In simple words, if you usually love to blow those massive clouds while vaping, then salt nic is not the ideal thing for you. Instead, we recommend you buy an e-liquid with a higher concentration of VG as it will help produce those dense clouds. So always skip nicotine-based juices if you love to work on your vaping tricks and blow just like the freebase ones. However, as they come in liquid form, they start gaining steam in no time. That being the case, there are not as many flavors and variants that cater to this flourishing vaping market. 
  • Vape juices with salt nic are currently limited to small wattage devices. So if you carry a large vaping mod, you definitely have to purchase a more compact vaping kit or mod to make the most of nic salts. Hey! Let us tell you that it is not always a bad thing; you can enjoy such flavors occasionally too! 
  • Lastly, some vaping enthusiasts take pride in the most advanced devices while enjoying rebuilding them to suit their vaping preferences. Though, salt nicotine juices are not always made for fiddling devices. 

Hopefully, we have answered your concerns and questions about salt nic juices. If not, feel free to leave a comment below; we would love to help you choose the right nic salt for your vaping pod system.

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