Rings of Power’s Sauron is looking more and additional like Halbrand



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All suitable, let’s play: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’s Sauron could truly be Halbrand (Charlie Vickers) and it may sorta be a missed chance if he is not. The believed transpired to the Polygon crew for the duration of his to start with scene — would not it just be intriguing if the sole human to survive along with Galadriel, who pulled her from the Sundering Seas, was Sauron, the large poor she’s been hunting for a long time and the scourge of (potential) Middle-earth?

Even though it is not a principle that consumes us, or even essentially just one that we’ve set a lot stock into, it has continued to color each individual scene with him in it. There’s nonetheless the outstanding character no a single understands a lot about who appears to be nefarious in the trailer, and it might not precisely align with the extended lore, what with Galadriel theoretically being capable to sense Sauron. But… there’s a vibe. Probably that billed moment amongst them with the dagger is (forgive me) a double-edged sword, and truly an indicator of his evilness. Here is the evidence we have amassed so considerably, from context clues to Tolkien lore:

  • In this article is a brief sample of quotes, mentioned by Halbrand, in episode 5: “You really don’t know what I did. You really do not know how I survived.” “What do you know of darkness?” He also statements he will be “cast out” if his top secret is discovered, and apologizes to Galadriel for the dying of her brother (who was “killed” by Sauron).
  • Adar took himself out of the managing as Sauron in episode 6, but he shared a sequence of billed times with Halbrand, who evidently feels personally wounded in some way by Adar’s anti-Sauron marketing campaign. Through their come across, Halbrand cryptically states that Adar should know who he is (as Halbrand almost kills him), later on leaving Adar to genuinely speculate, “Who are you?” when the two are briefly by yourself. There is not much about these interactions that may stand out as a lot more than generating Halbrand a tragic Middle-earth hero. But in conjunction with the rest of the demonstrate, there is anything there…
  • He is a brutal warrior, as shown in the alley scene from episode 3, and does not look to have lots of qualms about hurting all those all-around him.
  • Halbrand is an unique character to The Rings of Energy, and it’s crystal clear from episode 3 that the production has some sort of program for him and he’s not just a character for Galadriel to supply exposition to. But we do not feel there’s definitely a lot to this concept, however it is fairly humorous.
  • It would just be neat, narratively, if all the things Halbrand states was not a lie, for every se, but was just a half-truth of the matter. For occasion, when he claims shit like “I am not the hero you seek” — c’mon!
  • Weirdly, nevertheless, his backstory is truly distinct and not connected to any canon. Despite the name “The Southlands” sounding like the Southrons, judging by wherever they are on the show map, they are not actually south at all, but in the far east, over and above Mordor. Tolkien hardly ever illuminated the cultures of any peoples in that space. (We know a couple points about Rhûn, but as you can see, that region is very a strategies northeast of Mordor.) We never know of any kings from that location, or even monarchies or methods of federal government. Huh.
  • Subsequently, it would be top-tier prequel product to create a scene where by Galadriel unwittingly encourages Sauron to be Sauron. That type of spectacular irony is always the most delectable when it is completed perfectly. In particular when she’s been ferociously combing the planet for him and he decides to just hide in plain sight. We know that the Sauron of this period was named “fair” (which means pale, but also fairly) whilst Halbrand could or could not fit the monthly bill for this just one, he is at the pretty minimum crafty and astute. Individuals are the actual qualities an individual would have to be to get a bunch of folks to make rings for him.

Halbrand raising his mug with people out of focus raising their mugs around him

Picture: Matt Grace/Key Movie

  • Wait, cling on, the really 1st issue he exhibits an fascination in other than staying out of issues is obtaining a occupation as a smith? And then, in the fifth episode, he helps make an beautiful blade that looks to stun a community guild worker.
  • Frankly, The Rings of Electrical power leans also considerably into noticeable mystery boxes, and we assume some subterfuge that seriously feels like it pulled the rug out from someone would be excellent.
  • He convinces Galadriel to chill out and remain in Númenor…
  • When he gave Galadriel a dagger it is a moment that bonds them, and it’s a little something that could potentially preserve her neck in Númenor. Then all over again, it is also just providing her the likely to wreak havoc. And so far, even when it seems like he’s supporting the circumstance, Halbrand appears to be to be at finest out for himself and at worst type of a chaos agent.
  • The only snag is that this would be a massive departure from how Tolkien frames Sauron’s submit-war with Morgoth reappearance, wherever he disguised himself as an emissary of the Valar called “Annatar.” And he’d have to get out of Númenor and to Middle-earth so that he can get started doing work with Celebrimbor.
  • The incredibly 1st line of the exhibit — “Nothing is evil in the commencing,” spoken by Galadriel — is pulled from Tolkien’s textual content about Sauron, who was corrupted by Morgoth. It could arrive again about with Halbrand currently being just a regular dude also corrupted by the evils of the globe. But it could also be a plant: With The Rings of Electrical power leaning additional seriously into the grayness of Middle-earth’s heroes, potentially it’s also going to spread some of that to its villains as effectively.
  • If the Stranger is Gandalf and not a balrog then this is likely to disappoint me, and I’d extremely a lot like this present to extend an olive department.

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