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Property of the Dragon episode 6 can take a main 10-calendar year time jump in the action — and even so it plays out in the long operate, it is just the kind of move the display should really be creating.

One particular of the finest areas of Property of the Dragon, HBO’s so-far-so-superior Game of Thrones prequel series, is how co-creator George R.R. Martin and showrunner Ryan Condal reaped storytelling philosophy from Netflix’s The Crown. Peter Morgan, creator of that sequence, realized it was unattainable to linearly chart every single beat of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign (RIP), so from the initial time, the drama bounced from considerable second to significant moment, with each individual hour enjoying like a stand-alone movie.

Home of the Dragon’s time jumps make Martin’s “history” of Westeros from the ebook Fire & Blood arrive alive with equivalent significance. Understanding that each 7 days, viewers will catapult forward by a number of months, or even years, means that episodes can just supply the good things. Sport of Thrones identified epic scale in the map (which it typically experienced to lower corners to completely chart) Home of the Dragon finds that exact scope in time.

A single of the worst areas of Dwelling of the Dragon is that I am but a feeble gentleman who often demands to be instructed accurately in which and when things are going on in a story of this scale, and nevertheless there is no hand-keeping. Think about me a large supporter of when David Fincher employed display-filling WordArt to scream items like “FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA,” in Mindhunter. When the places in the contained drama of Home of the Dragon are pretty uncomplicated to comply with (while who does not like a map?), I’ll acknowledge that I’ve in no way been 5 minutes into an episode and felt confident that I understood when points were participating in out. The Crown has the edge of remaining centered on, you know, true historical past, with Morgan usually winding his way to “aha!” realizations of what each episode will concentrate on. Property of the Dragon drops you headfirst into Targaryen historical past, and when the show’s backstabbing pleasures demand no real context, I just can’t enable but want that basis.

So for any one else thrilled by the journey who could also use a little bit of historic footing, here is how far our characters have now come given that the premiere:

Episode 1, ‘The Heirs of the Dragon’ chilly open up

Viserys straight-up chillin’ with a crown on his head and regal threads, watching a tournament off screen on House of the Dragon

Photograph: Ollie Upton/HBO

Martin documents time in his A Song of Ice and Fireplace texts making use of a B.C./A.D. equivalent termed “AC,” an abbreviation for “After the Conquest.” In 1 AC, Aegon I Targaryen was topped king right after conquesting his way by means of Westeros.

Dwelling of the Dragon opens in 101 AC, 197 several years prior to the functions of Video game of Thrones’ first season. We get one important scene in this time interval: King Jaehaerys I Targaryen announcing that, after his son Baelon kicked the bucket, his new heir would not be the genealogical decision of his eldest grandchild, Princess Rhaenys, but his eldest grandson, Prince Viserys. What we do not see is Jaehaerys die — in 103 AC, according to Fire & Blood — and go the crown to Viserys.

Later in episode 1, aka most of ‘The Heirs of the Dragon’

It’s rough to say specifically when Property of the Dragon gets heading, but a title card explains that the demonstrate picks up 9 many years into King Viserys’ reign. Do the math, and we’re at all over 112 AC.

Episode 2, ‘The Rogue Prince’

The show’s to start with time jump leaps forward by 6 months, as tensions with Daemon Targaryen — not to point out the factions in the Stepstones — start off to escalate.

Episode 3, ‘Second of His Name’

Three years afterwards — so, close to 115 AC — shit is having real in the Stepstones. What ever chat of war there was back in episode 2 has exploded into correct violence, with Prince Daemon wiping out the Crabfeeder with the enable of Lord Corlys Velaryon. This is also when Alicent Hightower is really pregnant with her and Viserys’ very first child, who we’ll ultimately see as more of a deserving heir to the throne following the following time soar.

Episode 4, ‘King of the Slim Sea’

Daemon Targaryen, greased, wearing a red shirt and grey robe, glaring at someone as he clutches his wine in House of the Dragon

Picture: Ollie Upton/HBO

The time jump in episode 4 is a bit murky, but we know that Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen has been urged to discover a husband, and has expended at least a pair of months since Daemon’s triumph wanting for a person really worth her when. This is also when Daemon and Rhaenyra have a little bit of a fling. In this article, the show diverges from Martin’s Fireplace & Blood timeline, which observed Daemon pronouncing himself King of the Slim Sea close to 109 AC.

Episode 5, ‘We Mild the Way’

House of the Dragon and its supply substance proceed to break up in episode 5. Most of Daemon’s exploits in Hearth & Blood are using location around 115 AC, but when we choose up with the troubled fella, likely about 114 AC on the exhibit, he’s presently staging his new-ish spouse Woman Rhea Royce’s premature dying. We also see Rhaenyra’s marriage to Ser Laenor Velaryon, which has been marginally shifted up in time from when it takes place in the publications. But Condal has lined it all up to make heritage more digestible for when the large jump transpires…

Episode 6, ‘The Princess and the Queen’

The midway stage of Property of the Dragon’s 1st period can make a 10 time bounce (verified when Laenor states, “And I have played my portion here, faithfully… for 10 years”) to all-around 124 AC. As any individual who has flipped by Martin’s Hearth & Blood will tell you: This is when shit gets unpleasant. And it is by now been really unpleasant. But at the very least we know when the hideous shit is taking place.

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