Residence of the Dragons experienced a Muppets Easter egg in episode 6



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One particular of the worries of adapting Fireplace & Blood is that the Match of Thrones prequel is more history e-book than novel, lacking a great deal of the quirky character times and meta fantasy jokes that are sprinkled throughout the A Song of Ice and Fire sequence. Luckily, George R.R. Martin even now finds ways to weave joyful surprises into the book’s in-depth Targaryen background classes.

There’s a person certain tidbit from Fire & Blood that I’ve been dying to see make it to screen all year, and in Residence of the Dragon episode 6, it eventually did. But if you weren’t presently conscious of this possible Easter egg and obsessively hunting out for it, then you in all probability missed the simple fact that House of the Dragon just created a Muppets reference.

[Ed. note: The following contains spoilers for House of the Dragon and minor spoilers for Fire & Blood.]

Throughout the council conference, Ser Lyonel Potent delivers up a border dispute among two riverlands properties, Blackwood and Bracken. Alicent asks why this concern isn’t being addressed by Lord Grover Tully, to which Lyonel describes that Grover’s unnamed son is unofficially ruling around the riverlands now.

The council immediately moves on to other issues, but my head remained caught on this tiny back-and-forth since the moment I had been ready for had at extensive last appear: the point out of Lord Grover.

The title Grover on its personal is not exclusive plenty of to depend as a Muppets reference, of training course. In reality, the identify Grover Tully feels somewhat in line with other Westeros names like Aegon, Larys, or Viserys. (If everything, it is people named Jason that instantly stand out.) But although we’ve only gotten a Grover reference so considerably, this is just the to start with stage towards introducing an complete Sesame Street-themed relatives tree.

Grover stars and at Elmo during a song in Sesame Street in front of a sunset background.

Picture: PBS/Sesame Workshop

In Hearth & Blood, Martin writes as the book’s authorial maester that Ser Grover Tully has a grandchild, Ser Elmo Tully. Ser Elmo then has two youngsters of his very own, Kermit and Oscar. Now, to get forward of any disbelief you could be emotion listed here, I want to assure you that this is in no way a joke. George R.R. Martin genuinely named three full generations of Tullys immediately after The Muppets and it’s inarguably hilarious.

The ideal component? The gag doesn’t even end there. Martin leans even further into the extended Sesame Street reference in Fire & Blood when describing how “green” Kermit is as a soldier and Oscar’s “prickly” personality.

Then as now, the riverlords had been a fractious, quarrelsome great deal. Kermit Tully, Lord of Riverrun, was their liege lord, and nominally commander of their host…but it ought to be remembered that his lordship was but nineteen decades of age, and ‘green as summer time grass,’ as the northmen could say. His brother Oscar, who had slain 3 adult men throughout the Muddy Mess and been knighted on the battlefield afterward, was even now greener, and cursed with the sort of prickly satisfaction so typical in 2nd sons.

In the guides, Kermit and Oscar make up two-thirds of “The Lads,” a trio of young Riverlands leaders who also have an objectively hilarious identify. We all know war is coming to Westeros in the clearly show, and in Hearth & Blood, Grover, Elmo, and The Lads all get pulled into the Dance of Dragons to some degree.

So although the mention of Ser Grover Tully is a pristine Muppets Easter egg, it is also probable that the reference is sowing the seeds for the eventual on-display introduction of the overall Muppet Tully household. Given the simple fact that Grover’s two sons in the guide went unnamed, this also suggests there’s a wonderful opportunity for House of Dragon to take Fireplace & Blood’s very best joke and make it their have. If the HBO series decides, for whichever cause, to introduce Grover’s mysterious unnamed sires, probably the writers will gift the planet with Statler and Waldorf Tully, Gonzo and Rizzo Tully, or — if we’re truly fortunate — Dr. Tooth and Janice Tully.

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