Residence of the Dragon may undo Recreation of Thrones’ ending as a result of prophecy



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The more Household of the Dragon dives into the mysteries of the Targaryens’ earlier, the significantly less it seems to take location in the similar universe as Recreation of Thrones. Whilst the series might be a prequel to Video game of Thrones, it’s getting clear that the show’s innovative group is relaxed diverging from the initial, concluded HBO collection in favor of a story that is still ongoing in George R.R. Martin’s A Tune of Ice and Hearth e book sequence. By Martin’s personal account, his textbooks are placing up a lengthier and significantly more difficult ending.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, all of A Song of Ice and Fire, and the first eight episodes of House of the Dragon.]

The division concerning House of the Dragon and Recreation of Thrones is more about themes and feelings than it is about plot, at the very least appropriate now. In Household of the Dragon episode 8, “The Lord of the Tides,” the demonstrate delved even deeper into Aegon the Conqueror’s royal prophecy, which implies a Targaryen has to sit on the Iron Throne to conserve Westeros from a frozen and deadly danger that waits to the north.

As much as this prophecy serves apparent worth for A Music of Ice and Fire supporters, who know the place the tale is going, and that The Some others are on their way, its impression on Property of the Dragon is significantly a lot more quick. The prophecy is an animating drive for the series’ people. Each person that interacts with it does so in a absolutely diverse fashion, permitting the ideas of destiny, fortune, and destiny form their globe and decisions in distinctive approaches.

Many Targaryens from House of the Dragon sit around a large table with food on it during a dinner

Image: Ollie Upton / HBO

For Viserys, the prophecy is a closing legacy that have to be passed on, the obligation of a king to guard his realm and individuals. For Rhaenyra, it is a lifelong sword of Damocles, a threatening responsibility she carries as she moves towards the Iron Throne. For Alicent, and probably for her small children, it is a misunderstood warning, a past-minute indicator that Viserys may perhaps have changed his brain on who the realm actually wants to rule following his loss of life.

Lengthy prior to this prophecy manifests in Westeros, it’s guiding the palms of absolutely everyone who hears it and leading them to condition the events of heritage. Although Match of Thrones hardly ever managed this kind of intricate connection with the premonitions in its tale, the thought that a premonition could shape action is essential to Martin’s guides. In A Tune of Ice and Fireplace, as with a lot of fantasy series, it typically issues significantly less whether a prophecy is legitimate or not, and more how the threats or guarantees it delivers information the conclusions of the folks it’s about.

But the relationship between Household of the Dragon and its predecessor show is far more than just thematically tenuous at this place. In accordance to Home of the Dragon showrunner, Ryan Condal, the addition of the Aegon’s prophecy is one that came from Martin himself, and provided how numerous various occasions Martin has prepared variations of this prophecy (or very similar types) into A Song of Ice and Fire, his doubling down right here absolutely would seem essential. And if it’s important, then it must imply that the series’ ending just can’t be the exact as the a single from HBO’s Recreation of Thrones in which it hardly mattered at all.

Viserys talking to his daughter in front of an altar with a bunch of candles and a giant dragon skull in House of the Dragon

Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

The invasion of the White Walkers in HBO’s sequence was a brief affair, and mainly amounted to an episode-extended battle at Winterfell in the lifeless of Westeros’ coldest and darkest period. Several major people ended up at any time put in real threat, the south was under no circumstances associated, and the most significant, most existential threat in the series was dispatched with just a jab from a dagger we now know belonged to King Viserys. It was anticlimactic to say the least, but Residence of the Dragon provides us our most current case in point that it’s also most likely not the destiny intended for the conflict in the e book.

Immediately after all, if the only way to help you save the Seven Kingdoms is for a Targaryen to unite them and sit on the Iron Throne, then things have to alter, given that the throne and most of Westeros did not enjoy a section in the Prolonged Night, and no Targaryen really sat the Iron Throne. Instead, it appears to be that this is pointing toward an eventual long term wherever Jon Snow is unveiled as a Targaryen and winds up ruling the kingdom, or Daenerys could close up with a business more than enough grasp on actuality to supply the realm from The Other individuals ahead of things go completely wrong. Or maybe even someone else. Possibly way, it seems like the close of Martin’s saga will be distinct from the gatherings we noticed in HBO’s Game of Thrones, and that the Prolonged Night time in the publications could be a great deal more time and extra bleak.

There’s no way to know for absolutely sure specifically how Martin’s book sequence will stop, or what things it will or will not alter from the HBO collection. But at the quite least, it appears that Dwelling of the Dragon is heading much more towards the ending supporters assume from A Tune of Ice and Hearth than the 1 that let down many back in 2019. It also doesn’t damage to know that Home of the Dragon is receiving as many episodes as it desires to end its tale, in contrast to its predecessor.

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