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Questions One can Ask from a Marijuana Dispensary Budtender

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Sometimes, a short trip to a local recreational cannabis dispensary can bring a bizarre amount of pressure. Whether you are curious to know what live concentrate is or how it just feels to grab a new spot, or you are just planning to treat your partner with some flavored goodies, choosing something from a 10-page menu can be a huge thing to decide on. 

The most proven way to skip this menu dilemma is to ask a few questions from the budtender. If you are currently shopping online, then you can even go with the online assistance chatbot. Let’s take a look. 

Q1: I recently smoked Sativa flower, and I simply loved it. What similar options do you have? 

Sharing a product type, particularly or even a main category, turns out to be more useful than just giving a little description about it. Your budtender will definitely suggest similar options that are good enough and have a long-lasting effect. 

Q2: What’s your most favorite product? 

The majority of budtenders apparently cheer up when asked what special or new product they suggest. Defining this is not just as same as asking what the rarest is, what’s the best, and most expensive strain available. Chances are high that you may skip one of the best products in that lengthy menu. So why not go with the budtender favorites this season? 

Q3: I am quite excited about the XYZ product? What is the best available in the same? 

Whether you are highly baffled by concentrates or want to try a new vape, this question will let your budtender be informed about what choices you want to try new or things you have never tried earlier. 

Q4: What’s your latest product in the catalog? 

With a huge array of products and brands being introduced every now and then, especially in the busy industry of cannabis, you will always find new items being added to every licensed cannabis dispensary near you. Check with your budtender what’s unique or new on the list. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on the latest product trends, such as cannabis gummies. 

Q5: Could you please suggest to me a good strain that falls under $25 (or any specific budget)

Whether you are an expert stoner or a beginner in the row, you need to know that not all the budtender goes around smoking with the rarest and expensive strains; they actually go for attractive deals. If the budtender has recently been excited by a discounted value, this is your time to grab an insider secret. Check if there’s some special deal going on that product as it will certainly add to your savings. 

In the end, a renowned and licensed marijuana dispensary will never carry a bad quality product range. There can be a different way of portraying products, but great producers will always bring high quality. 

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