Ravenbound receives initial gameplay demonstrating off its ever-altering earth



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Developer Systemic Reaction shared a 17-moment gameplay reveal for Ravenbound, their new open-environment roguelite ARPG.

Here’s the new block of gameplay:


Here’s a rundown on the August 2022-introduced activity:

Ravenbound details

You are the Vessel. Carried in you is a potent weapon solid by historical gods to defeat the Betrayer. They known as it Raven, and its sacred responsibility is to rid Ávalt of the dim forces. Realizing this mission would take lots of lifetimes to comprehensive, they enshrined the Raven in the entire body of warriors, conduits for the Raven’s quest.

Put together for demise, Vessel, but struggle knowing that with each enemy you defeat, you serve individuals who’ll come right after you. They inherit the knowledge you gain touring throughout Ávalt, collecting sources, overcoming perilous difficulties, and battling ferocious enemies. The loop closes when a Vessel arises effective plenty of to see the Raven satisfy its purpose.


  • A Superbly Fatal Open up Globe – Ávalt is a wonderful and broad open earth fantasy world impressed by folklore that you can freely examine on foot or on the wings of the Raven. The preference the place to go and what obstacle to undertake is constantly yours to make. But beware! This spectacular land and its creatures are at any time-modifying, offering rise to new foes, locations, and troubles when you the very least anticipate it!
  • Extreme Motion-Roguelite Overcome – Encounter off with creatures from fantasy and folklore like Trolls, Hulders, and the fearsome undead Draugr. Armed with steel imbued with magic, you have to engage in rapidly-paced near combat exactly where strategies are all the things. Realizing when to dodge is just as crucial as when to attack. Select your battles sensibly, as every Vessel has just a person existence to sacrifice to the Raven’s ambition. And fight correctly, as the beat capabilities you attain can benefit the Vessel who rises in your put.
  • Enjoy your Playing cards Suitable – Survival is dependent on participating in your cards suitable in Ravenbound’s deck making function. Broaden your deck when a Vessel falls, picking out cards for far more effective equipment, weapons, and magic. Pick out properly. These are the playing cards you want in the hand of the Vessel that rises upcoming. While that Vessel should still endeavor to draw just about every card, the deck is improved stacked for survival when they do. Make the most of each individual possibility to boost your deck to give just about every Vessel the greatest possibility of bringing the Raven nearer to victory prior to they slide.

Ravenbound is in advancement for Windows Computer system (via Steam). A launch date is not confirmed at this time.

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