Quinceanera Dresses: Which is the Right Color To Choose

When it’s time to choose a Quinceanera dress, it denotes that you are a grown-up. Quinceanera is the event moving closer to adulthood, and it celebrates the Latin traditions that you’ve learned for years. Since Quinceanera is a religious celebration, it is a critical decision to choose your dress. The traditional pink Quinceanera dress represents the innocence and the grown-up age of the birthday girl. However, we have evolved, and time has changed a lot. Hence, girls have started moving from pink dresses to other variants of colors. The colors preferred now in quinceanera dresses are bolder, vibrant, and fun. It doesn’t mean that you have to discard the traditional colors, but do a bit of experiment with your dress. 

To make your decision to choose the Quinceanera dress smoother and help you look the prettiest, we have come up with a rundown of colors you can try. It is crucial to keep in mind the trends of Quinceanera dresses in 2021. You can pick the latest trends and then choose the colors according to our suggestions. 

But first, keep some important things in mind. 

  • Whatever color you choose, make sure that the dress is formal. 
  • Pick a modest neckline. 
  • Give preference to the full Cinderella skirt. It is clever to choose a removable skirt so that you can turn it into a mini dress if you want. 
  • Choose the color that outshines your personality. 

Red Quinceanera Dress

Red is the color for girls who want to stand out from the crowd. If you are that girl, pick red undoubtedly. 

A red-colored dress will depict that you are bold and do not shy away from a crowd. Red is bold and confident, and it shows that you love attention. It also gives a sophisticated vibe. You will stand out. 

Here’s how to accentuate your red Quinceanera prom dress

  • Pick neutral colors like gold, silver, black, skin tone, and other shades of red. 
  • Do not accessorize your dress much. Let your bold red dress speak out loud. 
  • Do not wear the necklace. Add embellishments like earrings and bracelets. You can consider wearing different layers of bracelets to add detail. 

Red Quinceanera Dress

Blue Quinceanera Dress

The blue color is identified as calm and tranquil. Pick an ocean blue that looks clean and subtle. Clearly, blue is the color for “pragmatic girls.” If you are one of them, blue is your color! You can choose from one of the Quinceanera cocktail dresses as the collection has some of the most beautiful pieces. 

Here’s how to accentuate your blue dress.

  • Prefer metallic gold or silver embellishments. You can choose metallic jewelry, embroidery, or lace with the dress.
  • Pick an unexpected color block. You can try something like a blue dress with red.

Tip: Blue and Red is a great combination for Quinceanera party dresses. But be cautious when choosing the shades. The combination can be too loud if both the colors are in a balanced proportion. 

To wear it perfectly, you can choose a lighter shade of red and a darker blue or vice versa. 

Blue Quinceanera Dress

White Quinceanera Dresses

White is traditional and calm for a Quinceanera dress. White is the color of purity and has a feeling of perfection and innocence. It depicts a successful beginning. If your family members like it traditionally, they’d be happy to see you wearing a white Quinceanera gown instead of choosing something modern. Besides, you can do a lot with a white dress and look fresh without disturbing the traditional essence of it. 

White Quinceanera Dresses

Here’s what you can do with it.

  • Add any color with your white Quince gown.
  • Mix and match some fun colors.
  • Accessories it according to your wish along with keeping the things youthful. 

There you go! Sure, there are even more colors, but these shades speak a lot about your personality. Pick what works for you. 

Happy Quinceanera! 

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