Questions You Must Know the CBD Hemp Flower Answer

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CBD hemp flower answers are free here and abundant. Hemp flowers are a relatively new thing so there are still a lot of things to have answers to. So here are some answers to some questions about this amazing flower and natural healing compounds.

CBD Hemp Flower Answer — Is Hemp Legal?

The CBD hemp market received a big boost when President Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill.  It contained a provision legalizing hemp, a species of cannabis that CBD can be extracted from but that is not psychoactive.  Hemp is defined in the legislation as the cannabis plant, but it cannot contain more than 0.3) of THC, the cannabinoid that is up to 30% in marijuana.  

  • Number 1 — The 2018 Farm Bill has a clause that specifically refers to transportation of hemp across state lines when the law in that state excludes the growth.
  • Number 2 — There will be significant, shared state-federal regulatory power over hemp cultivation and production by submitting a plan to the Secretary of USDA.
  • Number 3 — Violation #1 is cultivating without a license. Violation #2 is producing cannabis with more than 0.3% THC.

CBD Hemp Flower Answer — What is Ruderalis Type Hemp Plant?

When you go into a dispensary that has CBD for sale, more than likely you will not ask for Ruderalis and neither will it be on their shelfs. It may turn out that the ruderalis strain seeds are in the genetic lineage of your favorite CBD flower. This is an additional cannabis type beyond indica and sativa labeled ruderalis type.  In today’s cannabis language the ruderalis plant will have one or all of the following characteristics:

  • Autoflowering
  • Distinct physical structure
  • Equal levels of CBD and THC so a 1:1 ratio.

CBD Hemp Flower Answer – Can You Bake with CBD Hemp Flower

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble so if they are used in combination with a fat, the answer is yes, you can cook with CBD. This applies whether using hemp flower oil or CBD hemp flower.  Cooking with CBD oil as an ingredient is simple because it is already active and suspended in a fat so all you need is a recipe.

You can add the ground CBD hemp flower into coconut oil, for example, and let it simmer under a low heat for a couple hours. Then you will need to filter the coconut oil with the ground hemp flower in it using a cheese cloth, so the end product has a soft texture. This coconut oil infused with CBD hemp flower can be used for cooking as you please.

Whether you are a fan of hemp flower infused coconut oil or not another recipe you might want to try your hand at “CBD hemp flower butter”.  Simply grind the CBD hemp buds and simmer them and a block of butter for 15 minutes. Using heat is what will activate them so that you can have the effects.  Let the butter harden into a block and you can use it on toast whenever you like. 

If you have a bottle of any “non-raw CBD oil”, you can put drops directly into a recipe.  Add drops of oil to any food as it is fat and decarboxylation already.

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