The Growing Internet Shutdown in Protests Myanmar Netblocksfingasengadget

Protests have recently increased in Myanmar against the new military coup, with many people taking to the streets to voice their anger and outrage over the new administration. To control the protests, authorities have taken a number of extreme measures, including a nation-wide internet shutdown, which has affected a large number of citizens in Myanmar. Here, we will discuss the protests in Myanmar, the implications of the netblocksfingasengadget, and the measures being taken to counter the shutdown.

Background of the Protests

Protests in Myanmar began in late March 2021 following a coup by the military on February 1st, reversing the series of democratic steps taken by the former government. The military has asserted control over the country, with their elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi arrested and other prominent opposition figures detained. Their actions have since gained widespread international condemnation and thousands of citizens have taken to the streets to express their outrage and call for a return to civilian rule. A state of emergency has been declared, with a night-time curfew amid a heavy military presence.

The Censorship of the Internet in Myanmar

In the wake of these protests, the Myanmar government has attempted to control the spread of information and media access by blocking the internet. With this, the netblocksfingasengadget—a form of internet censorship—has been implemented across the entire country, resulting in access to the internet and online services being severely restricted. This has had a huge impact on the ability of citizens to communicate and access important information, hindering the ability of the protests to create an international impact. In the weeks since, the netblocksfingasengadget has been further tightened, highlighting the attempts by the military to have complete control over the media narrative and limit the voice of the protestors. 

Effects of the Internet Shutdown in Burma

The Internet shutdown in Myanmar is having far-reaching effects on the people of the country. With the virtual communication access restricted, it has become harder for citizens to connect not only with each other, but to the outside world. This has hindered the efforts of the protest movement to gain international traction, thus limiting the potential effectiveness of it. Furthermore, access to services such as government organization sites and financial institutions has been severely reduced, causing frustration and anger among citizens.

Countermeasures Against the Protests Myanmar Netblocksfingasengadget

In response to the attempts of the Myanmar government to stop communication, people have turned to VPNs, social media networks and other online services to spread the word about the protests. Through these methods, news from the protests has been able to spread internationally and build pressure from the international community. Additionally, Internet campaigns and initiatives such as netblocksfingasengadgetgroups and blogs have been set up to facilitate the spread of news about the protests and other updates. 


In recent weeks, pro democratic protestors have taken to the streets in Myanmar to voice their opposition against the new military administration. In response to this, the Myanmar government has introduced measures to control non-state media platforms and limit communication. This has included the implementation of an internet blackout which has significantly limited access to virtual communication and important services across the country. People have among other ways resorted to using VPNs, social media networks and other online services to counter the measures taken by the government. It is clear that the on-going protests in Myanmar will require a coordinated effort both domestically and internationally to bring about the desired changes and restore a civilian government. 


Q1. What is the Protests Myanmar Netblocksfingasengadget? 

A1. The Protests Myanmar Netblocksfingasengadget is a form of internet censorship imposed by the Myanmar government to control the spread of information and communication in the country in the wake of the protests against the military coup.

Q2. What effects has the Internet Shutdown had in Myanmar? 

A2. The Internet Shutdown has severely hampered the ability of citizens to connect both with other people as well as international sources of information. This has limited the potential effectiveness of the protests.

Q3. What measures are being taken to counter the Internet Shutdown? 

A3. In response to the Internet Shutdown, people have turned to VPNs, social media networks and other online services to spread the word about the protests. In addition, there have been campaigns and initiatives launched to facilitate communication and create international pressure.

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