Professional Home Cleaning Hacks – Clean Like a Pro

A clean space sometimes needs no expensive pieces of décor to look great. There is a splendid luxury chandelier hanging in the room. There are stylish lights, wall paintings and decorative items in the room but space is cluttered. There is nothing organized in the room. No one is going to admire the expensive chandelier. So, if you love your home, you must love to clean. Knowing that you are not here to be lectured about cleaning home, let’s cut to the chase and talk about professional home cleaning hacks. And, if you want to rely on professionals, you query to Google should be ‘spring cleaning services Melbourne’.            

Dryer Sheets

You can do wonders around your home with used dryer sheets. You can use dryer sheets to buff unsightly water spots from shower doors, mirrors and kitchen/bathroom fixtures. You can clean baseboards. You can also reuse these sheets for removing ring inside the toilet.  

Cleaning Blender 

Take warm water and put it in the blender. Turn it on after adding one drop of dish soap. Wait for a few seconds. Now turn the blender off and rinse it with warm water.  

Lemon for stinky garbage disposal

Want to add a fresh scent to your stinky kitchen? Just run some slices of lemon through the disposal.  

Brand new floor tiles

You can make floor tiles look like brand new tiles. You need a rag, light detergent and a bucket of water. Once the vacuuming is done, start scrubbing it. Also clean the rag and water frequently. You don’t want to make the floor dirty again. Use a toothbrush to remove tough spots.     

Cleaning a Sponge

Your sponge can be a perfect home to a lot of bacteria. Never leave it in the sink. First of all, clean the sponge frequently. Cleaning a sponge is very easy. Just put it in a microwave for half a minute. However, don’t forget that the sponge is still hot. So, wait for a minute or two before you pull out the sponge.      

Cleaning Air Vents

Vents are pretty dusty and dirty. This often blocks air. First of all, remove dust using a soft brush tool. In case this does not work, wrap a rag soaked with some cleaning agent around a butter knife and start cleaning air vents with it. 


Sweep off dust using a dry rug or broom. You can remove the remaining dirt or dust using a sock or some other wet cloth. If it does not work, we have another hack for you. You will need a little amount of detergent, a bucket of water and a sponge. Wash it and remove soap residue using a damp rag.      

Cleaning Blinds

If you are not cleaning blinds regularly, including the window fly trap, this will be one of the dirtiest items in your home. If it is the dirtiest item, we’ve got a great solution for you. Take equal parts of vinegar and water in a bowl. Put a sock over your hand. Now dip your hand covered with a sock in this solution and run it over the slats of your blinds, including the window fly trap, to effectively clean and remove dirt and debris.      

Getting rid of hard water spots

Got some tough hard water spots on faucets? You can use vinegar to get rid of hard water spots.  

Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

These appliances are often stained with fingerprints. Take some rubbing alcohol and a piece of microfiber cloth. You will get super clean stainless steel appliances.    

Cleaning Shower Scum

This is not how you want to spend your weekend, cleaning a dirty bathroom. However, you will have to clean it. Take a dish wand and fill it with half dish soap and half vinegar. Dip a toothbrush or sponge in this solution and start scrubbing. 

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