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A couple several years ago, even though talking about a few of retro-styled approach games, a close friend designed an intriguing difference. There is a distinction amongst how you remember a genre, he reported, and how taking part in it basically felt. By that metric, Prodeus is a edition of Doom that we could only think about present in the ’90s.

I will not care for the phrase “boomer shooter.” Precise Boomers, in my knowledge, enjoy ultra-sensible military services motion games, ideally established in World War II. That getting explained, Prodeus is an best instance of the subgenre.

If your concept of a good time in an FPS is circle-strafing at Mach 10 when you warm-swap between a dozen guns to change an military of demons into angry paint, then Prodeus was produced for you. For everyone else, it is going to count on your tolerance for speed, speed metal, and significant-pace murder.

Prodeus Evaluate: Which is One particular Doomed Room Maritime out?v=JPCiBy7-UvY

The tale of Prodeus is just about irrelevant. I consider researchers experimenting with alien technology have turned a human mining colony into a warfront concerning demons (Chaos) and aliens (Get also, the titular Prodeus).

You’re one of the previous human survivors, turned into a cyborg by Prodean technologies. In the beginning, you are out to shoot every thing you see, but then you get the probability to shut down the Get/Chaos incursion. This will, fortunately, call for you to shoot everything you see.

The plot is about as relevant moment-to-minute as Doom‘s. This is a essential comparison, mainly because Prodeus will come off like a specially thorough whole conversion mod for Doom.

The main enemies are close matches with Doom‘s rank-and-file demons (Fiends are Imps, Bloaters are Cacodemons, Skull Fish are Misplaced Souls, etc.), your initial arsenal is very similar, and it has an onscreen character portrait that will get progressively skeletal as your health and fitness drops. If you showed a hardcore shooter supporter Prodeus footage and explained to them it was a new Brutal Doom, they’d feel you.

Blood on the Partitions

Prodeus sets by itself apart from Doom in a great deal of minor means. The soundtrack is significant industrial the stages are properly cluttered and vertical and each weapon has a useful alt-fireplace manner. Exploring each and every degree reveals hidden ore samples you can exchange for upgrades, like a double-bounce or the weirder guns.

Most importantly, Prodeus has some of the most satisfying kills I’ve at any time noticed in an FPS. Each and every enemy in Prodeus can take spot harm, can be dismembered, has many dying animations, and will splatter if strike challenging adequate. The first pair of occasions I killed a monster in a confined place, I assumed I read one more enemy’s footsteps afterward, but it was in fact the sound of the very last demon’s corpse bits bouncing off the partitions.

Even better, demons’ bodies vanish in Prodeus, but bloodstains don’t. You can monitor your passage as a result of every single level by the gore you have remaining behind, specially when you’ve got unlocked some of the much more destructive weapons. Prodeus‘s model of the super shotgun has four barrels, you can alt-fire to strike anything with all 4 shells at once, and doing so turns the goal into a fashionable art venture.

The stage design and style does get a though to just take off. For the initially 75% of the single-participant marketing campaign, you might be preventing by a procession of dark industrial environments. It can be not right up until the endgame that things get extra appealing. You will find a person all-time wonderful degree where by you fight your way on to and back again off a room station, and there are a couple of extra where by the levels distort close to you as you development.

Even so, Prodeus‘ 10-hour foundation marketing campaign operates out of steam before the close. Chaos and Get area most of the identical enemy styles Chaos throws more cannon fodder at you, whereas Buy has much less but tougher monsters in every wave. By the very last couple of stages, every next wave is generally comprised of small explosive monsters, visibly just there to inflate your get rid of count.

The real climax of the recreation arrives early, on the phase Hexarchy. It really is the hardest problem in the default campaign, as an ersatz boss hurry towards the forces of Order, and practically every little thing following it is a phase down.

Even the final boss is a relative pushover when compared to Hexarchy, since he challenges you in a compact home, and you’ve received at minimum two various grenade launchers. Welcome to splash damage hell, lunch meat. You are not leaving.

Infinite Murder Celebration

Prodeus has a sturdy albeit person-unfriendly amount editor built into the Computer model, with a huge community of creators that have been playing the recreation for the final few of several years through Steam Early Accessibility.

While this is a particularly masochistic viewers — it seems like all the ideal-reviewed maps are also the most brutal — it offers you considerable articles to blast by once you might be completed with the campaign. At the time of producing, the Xbox variation won’t have the amount editor, but it does have the Community Workshop choice in its UI, which has very little in it. Maybe crossplay is coming later on.

It also appears like the multiplayer modes are lifeless on arrival I was under no circumstances in a position to get a decide-up match going for the duration of my time with the video game. It does give you the option to develop your possess maps, then carry up to three mates for whichever tailor made-produced FPS expertise you are on the lookout for.

Prodeus Evaluation — The Bottom Line



  • Properly chunk-sized servings of absolute mayhem.
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  • Virtually all the weapons sense great to use.
  • &#13

  • Seriously gratifying enemy demise animations.
  • &#13

  • Smooth, customizable problems curve.
  • &#13



  • Some weapons’ muzzle flash is so powerful you are unable to see what you are aiming at.
  • &#13

  • It’s possible a minimal way too considerably of an assault on the senses.
  • &#13

  • The previous boss of the marketing campaign is a comparative pushover.
  • &#13

  • Could’ve utilised a number of additional enemy kinds.
  • &#13

Prodeus is one of those Kickstarter achievement stories. It can be laser-centered on a precise audience that appreciates what it wishes: dim steel, bloody kills, and rapidly-paced action. It truly is self-billed as “the boomer shooter you’ve been ready for” and just about life up to that hoopla.

At the exact time, it’s bought some of the regular crowdfunding pitfalls, like seen inconsistencies and noticeable layout creep. Some of the guns are not in the base marketing campaign, the most complicated stage is just not any place in close proximity to the finale, and it takes a although in advance of you arrive at the very best levels.

It is nonetheless a person of the far better action game titles I have played this year, and I can see myself loading it up all over again anytime I’m in the temper for some stylized ultraviolence. Regardless of what difficulties I have with Prodeus become as irrelevant as its storyline when I liberate a demon’s total upper half with a single 4-barreled shotgun blast.

[Note: Humble Games provided the copy of Prodeus used for this review.]

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