6 Popular cases Of Personal Injury

Cases of personal injury in Ventura are very common and victims are advised to finds suitable lawyers to represent them in legal proceedings involving their claims. Good attorneys guarantee optimal compensations for all damages.  Here is an overview of major causes of personal injuries and their litigations.

1. Libel and slander

This is the defamation of a person. False statements regarding a person can damage their reputation. The nature of damage depends on how well the victim is known and the place where slander or libel occurred.

2. Slip and fall 

It is the responsibility of a property owner to maintain a safe place for the residents or workers. Some accidents do not lead to liability. The liability depends on the rules concerning the property and the exact situation.

3. Vehicle crushes

These are the commonest cases of personal injury in Santa Barbara. Reckless drivers are liable for any physical or financial damages to passengers or passersby. 

4. Medical malpractice

If a doctor does not give competent medical care, a patient may get injured in the process. These claims are often complex as there needs to be a proof that the doctor indeed neglected a patient or gave inadequate treatment. 

5. Dog bites

A dog owner is held responsible for any injury resulting from his dog. The personal injury law differs with states. It doesn’t matter whether the dog has shown signs of aggressiveness in the past or not. In some countries, the dog owner is only liable if the dog has a history of biting people.

6. Intentional torts: physical assaults and spousal battery

This is a special case of personal injury because damage is caused with intent. There is an element of criminal lawsuits against the defendant. The plaintiff may file a personal injury claim to get compensation for the assault.

The law pertaining to personal injury in Oxnard enables a victim to get remuneration for a harm caused by another individual’s mishap or voluntary action. As mentioned, different situations can cause accidents. Nevertheless, not every circumstance results in some liability. 


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