Pokemon Go Xerneas Raid Manual: Very best Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Several hours, And Extra Suggestions



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Xerneas will make its return to Pokemon Go Fitness centers near you for a restricted-time physical appearance in five-star raid battles. This famous Pokemon is showing up right after its counterpart, the embodiment of destruction Yveltal, leaves raids during Pokemon Go’s Evolving Stars event.

Xerneas Raid Agenda

Xerneas is showing up as the only five-star raid boss in Pokemon Go from 10 AM community time on Oct 8, 2022 and will remain accessible to struggle in raids till the identical time on Oct 20. Raids do not generally follow a established plan, and Xerneas raids will show up randomly at Fitness centers around the entire world for the duration of this time interval, but you will receive a notification from the sport when a raid is about to get started close by.

Your finest chance to find Xerneas raids is in the course of the two Raid Hours in which the Life Pokemon will be featured. Every single Wednesday from 6 PM to 7 PM neighborhood time, the majority of Gyms host five-star raids for Trainers to do the job together to take down. The two Raid Hrs that will occur though Yveltal is out there to obstacle will be on October 12 and 19. As with all raids, you will have to have your cost-free everyday Raid Pass or a Top quality Battle Pass to join a raid in man or woman, or a Distant Raid Pass to join a raid remotely.

Can I Catch a Shiny Xerneas?

Clockwise from top-left: non-shiny Neutral Mode Xerneas, shiny Neutral Mode Xerneas, shiny Active Mode Xerneas, non-shiny Active Mode Xerneas in Pokemon Go
Clockwise from best-remaining: non-shiny Neutral Manner Xerneas, shiny Neutral Method Xerneas, shiny Lively Method Xerneas, non-shiny Lively Method Xerneas in Pokemon Go

If you are on the lookout for Xerneas’ blue and white shiny version, you are in luck. This physical appearance in raids will be the very first time shiny Xerneas will be readily available to Pokemon Go trainers. Recall that a shiny is by no means certain, and you will not know if a Xerneas will be shiny right until soon after you’ve accomplished the raid, so be confident to do as numerous as you can to boost your likelihood of acquiring a shiny.

Xerneas Weaknesses and Counters

Xerneas is a pure Fairy-kind Pokemon. This signifies it requires tremendous successful hurt from Metal and Poison-kind attacks. Some recommended Pokemon incorporate:

  • Steel: Mega Scizor, Metagross, Scizor, Genesect
  • Poison: Mega Gengar, Nihilego, Roserade

A Mega Suggestion: A Mega Developed Pokemon boosts the damage of all Pokemon in the raid by 10%, and the damage of all Pokemon working with attacks that share a sort with the Mega Progressed Pokemon by 30%. Coordinate these Megas with your raid team for added injury. Note that though Mega Steelix will enhance the problems of fellow Steel styles in the raid, its defensively oriented stats necessarily mean it probably will not output ample destruction of its possess to be value utilizing. Mega Scizor, Gengar, Beedrill, or Aggron would be ideal Megas to use in Xerneas raids.

Do not be afraid of the shadows: Shadow Pokemon offer 20% more harm than their non-shadow counterparts, so the shadow versions of any of the prompt Pokemon that have them can assist you gain.

There is also a reasonably sparse quantity of strong Metal and Poison-variety raid attackers in Pokemon Go. If you are lacking out on some of them, potent neutral attackers like Mewtwo can nonetheless pull some weight.

Types to Stay clear of

Xerneas’ Fairy-type assault Moonblast offers tremendous-efficient harm to Preventing, Darkish, and Dragon-sorts. It can also master the Fighting-type move Close Battle, which can damage the Steel-variety counters applied towards it.. Also retain in thoughts that Fairy-varieties like Xerneas resist Darkish, Preventing, and Bug-variety assaults, and double resists Dragon-form assaults. Remain absent from Pokemon that use these varieties of attacks.


Is Xerneas value raiding following you’ve gotten the new Pokedex entry or shiny? Xerneas lacks a Fairy-kind rapid go, meaning there are significantly much better decisions for Fairy-kind raid attackers. In PvP, prior to this year, Xerneas was also regarded as mostly ineffective considering that its only quickly moves have been Deal with and Zen Headbutt, equally of which were being considerably below-typical moves. Nevertheless, the Year of Light move rebalance buffed Tackle into a usable move. While not as terrific as it could be if it could find out the new Fairy Wind, the enhanced Tackle brings Xerneas into viability in Learn League.

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