Pixwox: Unleashing Your Creativity with the Powerful Pixwox Image Editor {Dec 2022}



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What Is Pixwox? 

Pixwox is an all-in-one photo and video editing application created by the Pixnic, Inc. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, plus Windows and Macintosh computers. The application offers a wide variety of features, including advanced photo and video editing functions, an easy-to-use sharing platform, and an integrated document editor. Pixwox allows users to quickly and easily enhance, modify and share their photos and videos for special occasions, memories or just for fun.

What are the steps for using Pixwox?

Using Pixwox is as easy as taking photos and videos. Once you open the app, you can select from a number of options, such as video and photo editing, document editing and sharing. You can also save your work, store it in the cloud, or share it with others via a variety of different platforms.

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What are the Advantages of Using Pixwox?

  1. Edit Videos

Pixwox provides easy-to-use tools for editing videos, so users can add filters, adjust brightness and contrast, trim clips and much more. The app also offers lots of effects to choose from and a convenient built-in sharing feature.

  1. Edit Photos

Like videos, users can edit their photos with Pixwox, allowing them to adjust brightness and contrast, add effects, crop and rotate images, and integrate their photos with other images and videos.

  1. Pictures and Videos to Share with Your Loved ones.

Once users have finished editing their videos and photos, they can share them with friends and family via email, social networks and more. Pixwox also allows users to collaborate and share their work with other Pixwox users.

  1. Edit Documents

Pixwox also offers an integrated document editor that allows users to easily create, modify and share text-based documents. This feature is especially useful for users who need to quickly format and share documents.


Using Pixwox is an easy, fun and efficient way to share special moments with family and friends. With its easy-to-use editing tools and sharing features, it has become the go-to app for people who want to edit videos and photos, store documents, and quickly share them with their friends and family.

Related FAQs

Q. Is Pixwox free?

A. Yes! Pixwox is free to use, however it offers in-app purchases to unlock additional features such as advanced editing tools and filters. 

Q. What devices does Pixwox support?

A. Pixwox is available for iOS and Android devices, plus Windows and Macintosh computers.

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