Phobies guidebook: our four favorite horror-motivated Phobies to incorporate to your line-up this Halloween



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With great ol’ All Hallows’ Eve just close to the corner, the terrifying (nevertheless kinda cute) Phobies are much more eager than ever to showcase their moves in the arena, and entice players into their internet of strategic manipulation – all right, perhaps not rather that extraordinary but who doesn’t adore a great Phobies match?

In the spirit of the season, we have listed underneath a selection of Phobies that attract inspiration from some well-liked ghosts, beasts, and aliens from horror and sci-fi, so that both of those experienced and new players alike can uncover something new about these spooky Phobies and maybe even learn a new favorite to increase to their go-to fight lineup.


Grimes is the one we all know and recognise as the Grim Reaper. A lot like the title implies, Grimes listed here is a unit that receives ever more much more “Grim Reaper-y” with every single get rid of. With solitary focus on attacks and very substantial base damage, Grimes is a device that ought to be feared if remaining unchecked for the period of the video game.

  • Important expense: 4
  • Rarity: UR
  • Form: Dimensional
  • Talent: Every time it immediately kills an enemy, its destruction will increase.

Given that Grimes does not have a pretty large motion selection, positioning is critical. With pretty reduced-to-mid HP and attacks that get scarier with each individual get rid of, the most effective way to use Grimes would be to finish off enemies whose well being has been depleted up to a position, because that way his attacks will raise with every eliminate.

It would be greatest to situation Grimes away from enemy hearth, except you have the chance to resurrect him. The most effective system would be to deploy Phobies that can deal significant damage and retain enemies at bay (to an extent), then stick to up with Grimes to finish them off. After the skill’s hurt has been stacked up ample, it’s time to end off the Heart.


If appears to be like could get rid of, Alastor would be public enemy selection a single. Getting inspiration from the a person character that instilled fear (if not terror) in numerous, Sadako Yamamura (also recognized as “the lady from The Ring”), this character is basically a fairly beloved and great device in Phobies.

  • Critical value: 6
  • Rarity: UR
  • Kind: Dimensional
  • Ability: Transfers the exact total of problems to opponents back again to itself as health and fitness

With a whole lot of Lifesteal easily built into its kit, Alastor is a Flying unit that can inflict quite a bit of damage, although also therapeutic again the same volume. It is really a good Phobie for conditions where by you will have to choose some problems knowingly, this sort of as blocking a route or forcing an enemy to assault just one of your models if it intended enabling other, more robust kinds.

Alastor is a great unit for conquering Worry Factors, given that it can just camp there and even if damage happens, it can just mechanically heal almost everything again up with a few assaults.


With the Hunter Moon amongst us, we assumed it specifically apt to incorporate Werewolf in our list a Phobie that is no stranger to the powers the moon can possess. The legendary beast has noticed quite a few interpretations all through European folklore courting back again to the times of ancient Rome, but none of people have really possessed the ability to crank out destruction as this Phobie.

  • Crucial charge: 4
  • Rarity: Ultra-Scarce
  • Variety: Monster
  • Skill: Transforms into a potent beast with 3 occasions the wellness and 2 situations the assault injury of its original point out.

When in its initial pale moon wolf type this unit can navigate the map with ease owing to its movement assortment of 3 and for only the charge of 4 keys which will make it a ideal preference for any one who is player 2 to enjoy some early recreation counterplay and worry issue capturing.

Werewolf is a good adjust-of-speed device as the transformation lets for it to bully its way via your opponent’s entrance line and provide important damage to enemy Phobies.

Just recall that the improve is not everlasting, Werewolf will continue to alter amongst its types each and every 3rd change.


Although most horror monsters are outwardly frightening in appearance, there is anything specifically disturbing about people that can conceal their evil character from us. Typically depicted as the embodiment of enjoyable and merriment, clowns are a single of all those exclusive situations the place a sinister interpretation completely flips our expectations and scares us silly.

From Pennywise to Violator, clowns have showcased prominently all over horror flicks and literature, and can be uncovered in Phobies also with the demonic searching BoMangles.

  • Crucial charge: 3
  • Rarity: Widespread
  • Kind: Mechanical
  • Talent: Can’t be poisoned or diseased

BoMangles’ higher wellness and attack harm puts it in the leading 15% of the 3-essential value models.

The maniacal clown also transpires to be a single of the most functional of individuals models and delivers many strategic choices. Its higher health and capacity to not be poisoned or diseased also makes it a great forward unit to your assault.

Positioning the sinister clown so that the Stress Level is just in variety is a solid deterrent for quite a few lower essential costing models as BoMangle’s firepower can wipe out lots of of them.

If you would like to join in on all the exciting during this Halloween, you can download Phobies on the iOS Application Keep and on the Google Engage in Shop for Android gadgets, and Steam for Personal computer. It can be a no cost-to-perform video game with in-app buys.


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