Phantom Abyss heads to Xbox Collection X|S in Oct 2022



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Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Staff WIBY announced Phantom Abyss is coming to Xbox.

The asynchronous multiplayer game is coming to Xbox Series X|S on Oct 20th by using Xbox Video game Preview, and will also be out there on Xbox Sport Go day one. Phantom Abyss was at first launched in June 2021 for Windows Pc (via Steam and the Humble Shop).

Here’s a rundown on the recreation, in addition a new trailer:

Phantom Abyss

Phantom Abyss is a enormous asynchronous multiplayer activity that casts players into procedurally-generated temples and tasks them with retrieving the sacred relics concealed inside deadly chambers. Intrepid adventurers will dodge scores of concealed traps, leap treacherous chasms, and flee relentless guardians by way of branching paths until a person of the relics are claimed or the products of dying overwhelm them. Be warned, you only get one endeavor at each and every temple and failure or settling for a lesser relic signifies you will never ever see that temple again…

The cleverest players will use the phantom operates of unsuccessful makes an attempt from other gamers to their gain and prevent the missteps and blunders that led to their doom. Once the legendary relic at the base of every single temple is identified, the temple goes absent for good and turns into the priceless trophy of the qualified adventurer.


  • Asynchronous Multiplayer – Explore the perilous halls and colossal rooms of every single temple along with the phantoms of fallen players that came just before you and use their successes and failures to your benefit to progress deeper than they ever could have hoped. Enjoy and master from the errors of up to 20 phantoms which include your Steam buddies that have tried the identical temple and steal their whips as they tumble.
  • Unlock Additional Treacherous Floors – Get better keys from chests to unlock further, deadlier sections of the temple that dwelling far more coveted relics. The much more tricky a relic is to get, the higher the reward – the ultimate Famous Relic of a temple makes it possible for you to declare the whole temple so that it’s long gone forever.
  • Blessings from the Gods – As adventurers undertaking more into a temple, choices of gathered treasures can be made at altars to gain a new blessing for the relaxation of the run. Acquire as a lot treasure as you can to please the gods and get a double jump, glide leap, prolonged slide, damage safety, and extra!
  • Unlockable Whips – Unlock new whips with good results and opt for from your assortment before venturing into your next run. Each whips carries a slight blessing but also a curse that may possibly complicate your attempt at riches and glory.
  • Social Connections – Players can share Temple Codes for their failed runs allowing for good friends to attempt the identical temple or share their Journey Code which yields a playlist of temples that a participant has attempted in the previous.

Phantom Abyss trailer

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