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Lena, codename Tracer, grew up in London as soon as a celebration animal and attending rock live shows, she joined the Royal Air Drive as a test pilot, wherever she was supplied her callsign in Overwatch 2. Just after quite a few prosperous exam flights, Tracer was effectively identified for her fearless piloting skills and beneficial perspective. With that mentioned, Tracer was inducted into the Overwatch experimental flight plan, wherever she was the youngest member and was permitted to check pilot the teleporting prototype fighter, the Slipstream. In the course of the 1st flight, the plane malfunctioned, and the teleportation matrix started to disrupt right before disappearing. The Slipstream and its pilot still left no trace of everyday living, leaving Tracer presumed deceased.

Months afterwards, Lena (Tracer) mysteriously reappeared. Her human body underwent considerable alterations that altered and experienced been desynchronized from the movement of time. Tracer now gets to be a residing ghost that disappears from several hours to months, only briefly reappearing, not able to preserve her bodily kind. Right up until Winston, the Overwatch’s gorilla scientist, built a chronal accelerator to hold Tracer in the current when permitting her to manage her personal time by dashing up or slowing it down.

Soon after this incident, Tracer properly trained to come to be an Overwatch agent, now relocating from remaining a test pilot to being supervised by Winston and Dr. Ziegler. At the Overwatch HQ Education and Evaluation Facility, she met Blackwatch and Genji, starting to be sparring companions. Genji even praises Tracer as she is the only Overwatch agent he struggles to capture up to her pace. Tracer is so quickly she can be misinterpreted to be teleporting in some scenarios.

Tracer’s design and style is in-line with her heritage as a exam pilot, donning a established of aviator goggles, a leather-based bomber jacket, and now superior-tech machines. Like a retro-style bomber, the overall outfit is in a brown, white, and orange shade scheme. Her search expresses the futuristic world of Overwatch. Blizzard was 1 of the earliest heroes created for the initial Overwatch and has now turn out to be just one of the staple figures and has moved above to Overwatch 2.

How to Enjoy Tracer in Overwatch 2

Pulse Pistols

Tracer’s most important weapon is a established of dual pulse pistols with a rapid rate of hearth with a large bullet spread.

  • Tip: Get in close
    • Make use of the fireplace and bullet unfold amount by receiving up close, as shooting from a distance will not be as powerful.


A brief-variety teleport the place Tracer will bounce by means of house and time at a brief distance in front of her.

  • Idea 1: Time your dodges
    • Make use of your Blick to get out of conditions wherever you come to feel confused.
  • Idea 2: Rush Enemies
    • Rushing enemies is almost certainly extra obvious this would pair very well with capturing your Pulse Pistols to overwhelm your enemy.


Somewhat than leaping into space and time, Recall would rewind herself in time to her placement 3 seconds back even though also restoring her well being, buff, and debuffs.

  • Tip: Brief escape
    • If overwhelmed by enemies, do not hesitate to run absent from a battle by working with Remember.


Staying a part of the hurt course, Tracer’s passive grants her a burst of mobility and her reload pace.


Tracer’s Top Means, also known as Pulse Bomb in Overwatch 2, is final. It allows her to two an explosive pulse charge that can connect alone to enemies if they are strike or on any surface area. Its detonation only lasts a 2nd and discounts weighty destruction, more than enough to get rid of any heroes inside its vicinity except for some major tanks.

  • Idea: Crowd manage
    • If enemies are bundled with each other, applying her ult can be quite handy to both scare them off or just take some, if not most, out.

Tracer Overwatch 2 Recommendations

In summary, Tracer is a hero with large mobility to rush her enemies or escape tough circumstances. Keep in brain Tracer is the squishiest hero in Overwatch 2, with only 150 points for her overall health bar. However, this is where the mastery of Blink and Recall will come in retreating is generally a excellent possibility when overcome by enemies dying and respawning wastes time, even if you try out to run back again into the battle.

The greatest way to play as Tracer is to bob and weave Blink and Remember are excellent for obtaining all over enemies. Mastering these versatile skills will annoy your opponents seeking to get a shot at you. Swopping in to offer harm, dashing proper out of the predicament, and coming back is your suitable tactic to dominate a 1v1.

Tank characters are your best buddy as talked about previously, Tracer is an uncomplicated kill, as bobbing and weaving is not generally an productive method when faced with several enemies. If this is not in the cards, use your Pulse Bomb when enemies are surprised by tossing one their way, this will deal substantial hurt and advantage your teammates. Hopefully, this manual for Tracer will help you dominate the battlefield. Be swift with your motion they’ll by no means know you are coming.

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