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Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 is the similar durable tank as at any time, causing head aches for the enemy team with his robust defend and rocket hammer. This time around, with just 1 tank on your crew, Reinhardt’s task is a bit diverse, though. Protecting remains his forte, but you want to pair it with a powerful offensive prepare to assist drive previous the enemy and seize victory. Here’s how to ideal play as Reinhardt in Overwatch 2.

Reinhardt Overview

Reinhardt is a mighty pressure on the battlefield and a person of the greatest defenders. His potent barrier can stand up to heavy assaults and retain your staff safe though they press forward to assert the objective, and anybody who will get too near receives dealt with to the style of Reinhardt’s significant rocket hammer. The tank does battle with long-vary fight and can be quickly overwhelmed in the erroneous situations, so do not make the mistake of leaving him by itself also long. Reinhardt will work far better with a team and, preferably, a healer close by to make up for his absence of self-sustaining qualities.

Reinhardt qualities

  • Rocket Hammer: Swings Reinhardt’s mighty hammer and bargains significant destruction at near vary
  • Barrier Discipline: Generates a barrier that blocks all incoming projectiles and absorbs 1,200 points of damage in advance of shattering
  • Demand: Reinhardt rushes ahead and grabs an opponent in his route. If he runs into a wall when holding an opponent, this transfer offers additional hurt.
  • Fireplace Strike: Reinhardt makes a fiery arc with his hammer and sends it rushing toward enemies. Can be applied twice
  • Earthshatter: Reinhardt slams his hammer into the floor, damaging nearby enemies and knocking them back again

Question not thy good deal

Not like other tanks, Reinhardt is in this article to make a shield and do minor else. If you rush ahead and try whirling his hammer all over, you will quickly uncover out that Reinhardt’s stage of velocity and limited-variety overcome helps make him suited to defense initial and offense as a significantly, distant 2nd.

Which is not to say he has no DPS probable, while. Reinhardt can get a healer and slam them into the wall or demand into a tank to disrupt the enemy’s development. If an enemy slips previous your protect, you can also (typically) take them out immediately with Reinhardt’s hammer assault or use his ranged assault to hold foes at a harmless length. Just make sure to pair Reinhardt with a fantastic healer, considering that he has no way to continue to keep himself protected apart from the protect.

In other terms, enable your foes come to you. Reinhardt does not get the job done as a character who can chase down and defeat enemies on his own.

Reinhardt's armor isn't just for show. He can absorb a substantial amount of damage even without his shield up.
Reinhardt’s armor isn’t just for display. He can take in a substantial quantity of damage even with out his defend up.

Force harder

Reinhardt retains your get together secure when they’re under fireplace, of study course, but you can also adopt a additional intense type and use his shield to split the enemy line and induce a bit of chaos. Reinhardt’s barrier absorbs a staggering 1,200 harm factors in advance of it shatters, so except you are under large, sustained fire, you can make very good development shoving your way previous enemies and receiving your team earlier their traces and convert the tide of battle.

If that fails, use Reinhardt’s sprint assault to shock enemies and choose out whoever’s leading to you the most difficulties at the time. That goes double if your opponent comes about to be Sigma, who can include his workforce with his individual barriers, chuck boulders at you, and lob his projectile attacks all around your barrier so they explode and however deal injury.

Situational awareness classes

Reinhardt’s defend is exceptional, but only if you are going through down strong enemies. Not like some fortifying abilities, the protect only guards in opposition to projectiles coming at you from the entrance. It’s quick for a rapidly hero such as Tracer or Cassidy to slip at the rear of Reinhardt’s protect and commence causing hassle. Tempting as it may be to force ahead down the center of the battlefield, the far better tactic is major your celebration down a slim path which is easier to defend.

  • Reinhardt struggles to improve course although charging, so make absolutely sure to aim well in advance of working with that means
  • You can see all all-around Reinhardt though his barrier is lively, so keep an eye out for threats and regulate your system accordingly
  • Fire Strike operates wonders in limited areas and towards other gradual-relocating tanks
  • Decreased the barrier to get started restoring its wellness and maintain it from shattering
  • Reinhardt is helpless in opposition to airborne heroes like Pharah, so make certain he stays in the vicinity of a healer if they clearly show up

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