Overwatch 2 Loading Monitor Hides Creepy Dudes You Cannot Unsee



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The Illios map in Overwatch 2, which shortly after launch, was discovered to be littered inexplicably with t-posed avatars in the loading screen.

Screenshot: Activision Blizzard / Kotaku

Overwatch 2 is haunted appropriate now, and no, it’s not for the reason that the activity is buggy as hell. If you booted up Blizzard’s hero shooter a short while ago, you might’ve found some eerie avatars littered close to one specific loading display, stuck in super creepy A- and T-poses. How fitting, especially because we’re receiving frighteningly shut to Halloween.

Overwatch 2 arrived this month to a bevy of troubles, from lengthy queues to locked characters. The recreation has not had a sleek start, to say the minimum. But now, with points mostly beneath control—though some challenges however persist—players are getting freaked out by one thing much less pressing but much more perturbing: weird avatars posed on the loading screen for Ilios.

Ilios is a Capture the Flag and Management map, 1 of the couple that has carried around from the OG match that just shut down in the wake of Overwatch 2‘s rocky start. It is not a terrifying map in and of alone, what with the attractive solar in the history and the classy architecture populating the area. Even so, items are usually additional sinister when you consider a nearer search, which is what gamers have carried out a short while ago. All throughout the online, from Reddit to Twitter, are screenshots of some unsettlingly little grayed-out dudes randomly frozen in A- and T-poses through Ilios’ loading monitor.

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Kotaku booted up Overwatch 2 to validate if these uncanny mannequins ended up actually there, and indeed, they are as of this crafting. We created a custom recreation and waited on Ilios’ loading screen, only to come across the strange avatars standing there like scarecrows or anything, waiting to startle any gamers silly plenty of to go seeking for them. This is all possibly an accidental coincidence, a achievable holdover all through video game enhancement, or one thing in in between.

Offered how quickly Blizzard is tweaking the activity to deal with the numerous issues plaguing the stay provider hero shooter, it’s feasible this oversight will be short-lived. Of study course, when compared to some of the other troubles players are struggling with, this sort of as locked rosters or the incessant disconnects, possessing a few tiny dudes in the history of a little something that most may not even see is likely small on the priority list. Even now creepy, although, primarily if you weren’t anticipating them.

Kotaku has achieved out to Blizzard for comment.

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After launching on Oct 4, the hero shooter has very much been a busted mess. It experienced various DDoS assaults that manufactured it unplayable for some, had a chat bug that randomly acquired in-activity skins without having participant consent, was riddled with an error message that barred men and women from taking part in with their good friends, and a host of other challenges that are nevertheless ongoing. These trying to enjoy right now will also come across people like Torbjorn and Bastion long gone from some match modes, as Blizzard attempts to take care of problems with their skill kits. 

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